Yisheng Organic: 有機茉莉飯 Organic Jasmine Tea Rice

準備時間 Prep time: 30 分鐘minutes

材料: Ingredients:
1杯 茉莉白米 1 cup Jasmine White Rice
1湯匙 益生有機茉莉綠茶葉 1 Tablespoon of Yisheng Organic Jasmine Green tea
2杯煮 沸的泉水,讓它冷卻幾分鐘 2 cups of boiling spring water, let it cool for a few minutes
1/2茶匙 鹽 1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4杯 蔥 ,切碎 1/4 cup sliced green onions
1/4杯 烤杏仁片 1/4 cup toasted silvered almonds

做法 Method:
1. 開中火在平底鍋裡將茉莉白米加熱直到它散出芳香,期間經常攪拌。
Toast rice on saucepan over medium heat until it becomes aromatic, stir often.

2. 沖泡茶葉在水中約1分鐘。隔去茶葉。將茶加到鍋裡。加入鹽直至煮沸,覆上蓋,把火溫調低煨煮。
Brew tea in water for 1 minute. Strain tea. Add tea to rice in saucepan. Add salt, bring it to a boil, reduce heat to a simmer and cover.

3. 煮20分鐘或直到所有的水份被吸收。熄火,讓飯先放置幾分鐘。
Cook for 20 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed. Turn the heat off. Let the rice rest for a few minutes.

4. 翻起米飯,食用時配以蔥花和烤杏仁。
Fluff rice and garnish with green onion and toasted almonds.


創新意,利用易生有機茶葉融入煮食!THINK OUTSIDE OF THE CUP! Cooking with Yisheng Organic Tea
Cooking with tea is almost as old as tea history itself. The first people that discovered tea used to cook tea along with different spices. There are many different types of tea, green, white, oolong, black, floral & spicy. Each tea contributes subtle aromas and delicate flavors will enhance your dishes. It is a good way to season a dish without any additional salt & calories.

Special thanks: Yisheng Orgnaic

香港HK: 為食起革命 FRD x WKND 普慶坊同樂日Day Out in Po Hing Fong


為支持 為食起革命 並推廣健康生活,WKND Farmers’ Club 聯同多個單位將於5月17日(星期六)假上環普慶坊舉行《為食起革命 x WKND 普慶坊同樂日》。活動相當豐富,包括簡易瑜珈班、健身遊戲、種植工作坊、現場音樂表演、果汁、健康小食 ⋯⋯ 費用全免,歡迎參與! 場地附近還有不少餐飲食肆提供有營健康美食,不容錯過!

To support the Food Revolution Day and promote the importance of healthy lifestyle, WKND Farmer’s Club together with numerous vendors in Po Hing Fond have initiated the FRD x WKND Day Out in Po Hing Fong activity on 17th May (Sat).  Yoga classes, fitness workshops, urban farming workshops, live music performance, fresh juice, healthy snacks… all are for FREE! Yes it is Free and everybody is welcomed!

Healthy food and beverage are available at various locations throughout the neighborhood, too! Don’t miss it!

日期: 2014年5月17日(星期六)
時間: 10:00 am- 7:00 pm
地點: 上環普慶坊
費用: 費用全免
查詢: hi@wknd.hk

Date: 17-05-2014 (Sat)
Time: 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Venue: Po Hing Fong, Sheung Wan
Fee: Free Admission
Inquiry:  hi@wknd.hk

All activities open to public and free. RSVP is needed for some activities.
網上登記  RSVP:  http://bit.ly/1nuIvmq
活動地圖 Location Map: 按此下載(中文)  Click here to download (English)
*因天雨關係,部份活動場地會作更改/除消。請留意Facebook 專頁公佈。 Due to unfavorable weather condition, location for certain outdoor activities may change or have to be cancelled. For updates, please stay tuned with our Facebook page.

1.  健身/ 瑜珈班 Work-out Activities
* (下列活動需要預約 RSVP is needed http://bit.ly/1nuIvmq

1030 – 1130:
》兒童瑜珈班 yoga for kids (outdoor) by Fitmind Attitude on U Lam Terrace
1700 – 1800:
》室外健身班 work out session with Precision Fitness (outdoor) on U Lam Terrace

2. Yoga Bam Bam
 30 分鐘瑜珈體驗 30 mins Yoga Class
(下列活動請與YogaBamBam預約 RSVP  directly to Yoga Bam Bam )

1430 – 1500:
》成人靜心瑜珈班Peaceful Warrior Yoga class ; for Adults; Quota: 10 spaces available
1500 – 1530:
》家庭瑜珈班 Family Aerial Silks class by Aerial Arts Academy; come alone or bring the kids 7 years & up; 8 spaces available
1745 – 1815:
》家庭瑜珈班 Kids  & Family Yoga class; 10 spaces available
1815 – 1845:
》廣東話瑜珈班 A Yoga Cantonese class; come alone or bring the kids 7 years & up; 10 spaces available

如何預約 To RSVP:
> 請登上網頁 go to www.yogabambam.com
> 按 Press ” booking & schedule”
> 選揀你想參與的瑜珈班 Choose your class
> 登記資料 Sign in
> 按 Press “Registered as Unpaid”
> 登記完成
*  以上四課瑜珈班由 Yoga Bam Bam 提供。詳情請與 Yoga Bam Bam 聯絡。瑜珈墊幾由有關單位提供
This special offer is for first time guests of our new Studio Yoga BamBam. Class descriptions are at www.Yogabambam.com.  Mats will be provided.

3. 娛樂 Entertainment
* (下列活動不需要預約 Just Come and Join without RSVP)

1530 – 1615:
》原味小食製作示範 raw snack making demonstration by Health-Concept at Yoga BamBam WKND Market
1700 – 1730:
》小孩子講故事 children’s story telling session with Ofie at Yoga BamBam WKND Market
1700 – 1815:
》試酒會 Mescal Tasting sponsored by Mescal Amores HK at Shelter Lounge
1830 – 1900:
》現場歌唱表演 Live performance by Rita Thao sponsored by Naked group at Shelter Lounge

4. 都市種植工作坊 Urban farming ‘Grow Your Own Vegetables!’ workshops
* (下列活動需要預約 RSVP is needed http://bit.ly/1nuIvmq

1100 –  1200:
》種植基礎班 Workshop I ‘Basic Intro to Growing Your Own Vegetables’ : at Shelter Lounge with WKND Farmers’ Club ** 額滿 FULL
1630 –  1730:
》都市農業游擊戰 Workshop II’ Guerrilla Urban Farming’: at U Lam Terrace with HK Perma Club
1630 –  1800:
》種植盤升級再造 +香草種植 Workshop III ‘Upcycling Planter and Growing Herbs’ : at Zixag store with Johnny’s Farm and WKND Farmers’ Club ** 額滿 FULL

合辦單位 Co-organizer:WKND Farmers’ ClubFood Revolution HKGo.Asia
普慶坊合作伙伴 Po Hing Fong Partners (排名不分先後 by alphabetical order):
Common Ground
– Madura
– Shelter Lounge
Yoga BamBam
– Zixag

贊助機構 Sponsors (排名不分先後 by alphabetical order)
Blackshot Coffee
Fitmind is Attitude
HK Perma Club
Johnny’s Farm
Koni Yoga fit
Ruhani Home
Mescal Amores HK
Naked Group
Precision Fitness
Rita Thao
Ruhani Home
Yisheng Organic

關於 About WKND Farmers’ Club
本地營運的 WKND Farmers’ Club 透過都市耕種推廣健康生活。WKND相信認識食物是踏上健康生活的第一步。 WKND 不定期與本地不同單位合辦不同活動予公眾參與,詳情可參閱 WKND Farmers’ Club Facebook 專頁。

WKND Farmers’ Club is a locally run collective promoting healthy lifestyle through urban farming. We believe that food and getting to know your food is the first step in living a healthy lifestyle. We work with local businesses and experts to provide creative workshops and events open to all general public. For more information and our latest workshops/events, please check WKND Farmers’ Club.

*以上所有收費活動的金錢交易與「為食起革命(亞洲)」無關。「為食起革命(亞洲)」在其中只參與宣傳工作。Food Revolution Asia is not involved in any money transaction of the  paid-workshops as listed above. Food Revolution Asia will assist in promotion only.