WKND 福壽里假日市集 Fuk Sau Lane Market

20140817_WKND Market Summer


WKND 福壽里假日市集

日期: 2014. 08. 17 (星期日)

WKND 市集親子適故事
時間: 3.30pm -4.30pm
費用: HK$180 /家庭

WKND Market Taboocha 红茶菌工作坊
時間: 430pm- 530pm
費用: Free (thanks to sponsorship by Taboocha!)

活動名額有限,請與發電郵致 hi@wknd.hk  RSVP。

A special WKND Market this Sunday to introduce ideas for healthier summer survival choices in HK.

In addition to our usual healthy snacks, drinks and fresh produce, we have a storytelling session and Kombucha workshop also available for you.

DATE: 17 August 2014 (Sunday)
LOCATION: Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun Western District.

WKND Market African Fairy Tales “The Golden Calabash” with author Itse Daibo
Time: 3.30pm -4.30pm
Cost: HK$180 per family

WKND Market Kombucha workshop with Taboocha
Time: 430pm- 530pm
1. Introduction to Taboocha and basics on Kombucha
2. Taboocha tasting with guidance from Lisa, Taboocha founder
3. Q &A session
Cost: Free (thanks to sponsorship by Taboocha!)

Please RSVP to hi@wknd.hk for the two activities (limited space).
Hope to see you all this Sunday!

Source: WKND

香港HK:為食起革命 FRD x Living Organic 活機園種菇工作坊 Farm Visit + Homegrown Mushroom Workshop


Living Organic 活機園種菇工作坊 活動包括:

  • 提供健康有機可食用菇包的製作方法
  • 田園風味餐
  • 體驗耕作
  • 親親小山羊

Homegrown Mushroom Workshop Activities:

  • Home-grown Mushroom Workshop
  • Organic farm/homemade lunch
  • Wandering through vegetable gardens, greenhouses of beautiful flowers and plants
  • Cuddle & feed our cute wonderful goats

四種菇類 / 4 Types of Mushrooms:
姬菇Pleurotus Cornucopiae Mushroom / 白蠔菇White Oyster Mushroom
黃金菇Pleurotus Citrinpileatus Sing / 黑蠔菇Black Oyster Mushroom

日期: 2014年5月24日(星期六)
時間: 上午11時30分 - 下午2時30分
地點: 新界錦田大江埔村活機園有機農場
費用: 每位280元
名額: 50名 (先到先得)
導師: 張正達
報名及查詢: 秦宗寶92717922 / rcpchun113@gmail.com

Date: 24th May 2014, Saturday
Time: 11:30am – 2:30pm
Venue: Tai Kong Po Village, Kam Tin, Yuen Long, N.T.
Fee: $280 per person
Quota: Limited to 50 persons, First Come First Served
Facilitator: Cheung Ching Tak
RSVP & Inquiry: Ricky Chun 92717922 / rcpchun113@gmail.com


關於 About | Living Organic
Living Organic專營本地有機蔬菜及培植食用活菇、農場導遊、摘士多啤梨、有機工作坊、燒烤、露營等活動、適合家庭及團體共享天倫及親子之樂。
Living ORGANIC provides local organic vegetables and offering different kinds of workshops such as mushroom growing, farm tour, strawberry day-out, organic classes, BBQ, camping, etc.
Living Organic’s Facebook Page


*以上所有收費活動的金錢交易與「為食起革命(亞洲)」無關。「為食起革命(亞洲)」在其中只參與宣傳工作。Food Revolution Asia is not involved in any money transaction of the  paid-workshops as listed above. Food Revolution Asia will assist in promotion only. 

香港HK:為食起革命 FRD x WKND Farmers’ Club 市區天台種植班 III Grow Your Own Vegetables Workshop IIII


關於市區天台種植你了解有多少?你也想在市區種植你的一遍綠嗎?WKND Farmers’ Club 的種植工作坊能滿足你的要求。活動幾為你講解有關天台種種的種種,和教授簡單的種植技巧 (從分別泥土到移植方法),萬勿錯過。
Workshop to learn how to grow your own vegetables in HK. The workshop will also provide information on the benefits of urban farming (social, environmental, economic).

日期: 2014年5月14日(星期三)
時間: 10:30 am- 1200 nn
地點: WKND  上環天台(詳細地址將於RSVP後提供)
費用* : $90 (個人)/ $210 (家庭 : 2大人+小童)
導師:  WKND Farmers’ Club,  Natalia and Sang Ok
報名及查詢: hi@wknd.hk , 4月30日前報名
* 部分活動收益將捐助 Go.Asia  (www.go.asia) 慈善項目。

Date: 14-05-2014 (wed)
Time: 1030am – 12 nn
Venue: WKND Farmers’ Club Rooftop Farm (Sheung Wan), exact add to be provided once RSVP and payment received
Fee* : 90HKD per person or 210 per family (3 pax – parent+kid)
Quota: max 15 participants
Facilitator: WKND Farmers’ Club rooftop farmers Natalia and Sang Ok
RSVP & Inquiry:  hi@wknd.hk, by 30 April 2014
* Part of the profit will be donated to Go.Asia (www.go.asia) 

主辦單位 Organizer: WKND Farmers’ Club

關於 About WKND Farmers’ Club
本地營運的 WKND Farmers’ Club 透過都市耕種推廣健康生活。WKND相信認識食物是踏上健康生活的第一步。 WKND 不定期與本地不同單位合辦不同活動予公眾參與,詳情可參閱 WKND Farmers’ Club Facebook 專頁。

WKND Farmers’ Club is a locally run collective promoting healthy lifestyle through urban farming. We believe that food and getting to know your food is the first step in living a healthy lifestyle.
We work with local businesses and experts to provide creative workshops and events open to all general public. For more information and our latest workshops/events, please check WKND Farmers’ Club.

*以上所有收費活動的金錢交易與「為食起革命(亞洲)」無關。「為食起革命(亞洲)」在其中只參與宣傳工作。Food Revolution Asia is not involved in any money transaction of the  paid-workshops as listed above. Food Revolution Asia will assist in promotion only.