香港HK:為食起革命 FRD x Secret Ingredient 購物折扣 DISCOUNT OFFER


為支持 為食起革命日 ,並鼓勵大眾健康煮食,Secret Ingredient 於5月提供購物優惠!現凡於 Secret Ingredient 訂購菜式,再次訂購可獲 HKD 25 折扣優惠。
To support the Food Revolution Day and encourage the public to cook more and eat more real food, from now will 31 May 2014, Secret Ingredient is going to offer a HKD 25 off the next order.

宣傳編碼 Promotion Code : foodrev

使用細則 How to apply:
閣下在進行網上訂購Secret Ingredient 的食材時,於”登出 Check Out” 並輸入信用咭資料後,將會出現一個綠色購物折扣視窗,屆時請輸入上列宣傳編碼即可。

To apply, place an order and at the second step of checkout within the green discount box, write out the code and press apply. Note, this code can only be applied to Secret Ingredient meals and does not apply to beverages, cooking events, or any other items. Code can only be applied once per order. It expires on May 31st,2014.

日期: 即日至2014年5月31日
> 星期一 -五:上午九時至晚上八時
> 星期六:下午三時至晚上七時
地點: 上環太平山街31號A地舖

Date: From now till 31 May 2014
> Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
> Sat: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
> Sun: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm
Venue: 32 A Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

關於 About | Secret Ingredient
Secret Ingredient provides fresh ingredients, great recipes, and a fantastic cooking experience for you to lead a healthy and exciting lifestyle. Their meals are designed by their head chef, Jesse Teh that ensures a gourmet and premium recipe every time you cook.

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Secret Ingredient 響應 為食起革命 Food Revolution Asia, 找來註冊營養師 Sally Poon 大談教授小朋友煮食的重要性。


就以香港為例,很多家長為了要讓子女爭上好學校,都給小朋友安排各式各樣的興趣班,把日程都排得密密麻麻。很多時為了省卻時間而選擇吃速食食品,然而,止舉背後,他們卻是賠上了健康- 這也是為什麼我們要進行這場革命。


We’re really excited to be a sponsor of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day in Hong Kong on May 16th.

It has especially made us think “how are kids learning about food quality” in Hong Kong and its relation to our favorite thing… cooking! Here’s what we’ve learned.

I first reached out to our dietitian Sally Poon about local Hong Kong perception towards teaching kids to cook and what I found was very interesting.

“The situation in Hong Kong is that kids are overprotected. They are overprotected because it’s very competitive on the academic side of things,” she said.

Cooking at home

Her logic is this: kids are taught early on to learn afterschool activities like music and language will advance them to a good school. Of course these skills are useful however they stay up so late eating anything ‘instant’ so they can focus on these skills. Because of it, young kids are having so many problems with the sleeping habits, eating habits, etc.

“A documentary was done locally on kids in primary school age. And it was interesting, kids here do not know how to turn on stove or even cook instant noodles! This is pretty bad because its important to learn cooking but some parents don’t think so because it doesn’t get them into a grade-A university,” said Sally.

So how can we get kids more involved in food education and cooking? Here are some ideas I got from our dietitian as well as some moms I chatted with in ‘mom’ communities:

  1. Make it mandatory in school. “Good nutrition can make children more cognitively focused to be able to perform those music or language lessons they need to excel in school,” says our dietitian Sally.
  2. Make it playful. “I bake and cook with my kids four times a week and they love it. They know what a vanilla bean stalk looks like, they know that peanuts turn into peanut butter in the food processor, that the muffins are delicious and they helped bake them,” says mom Daisy.
  3. Make it meaningful. “I’m a pretty awful cook, but my husband is great and as kids naturally want to emulate adults, it’s easy to engage him with cooking as he wants to be ‘Just like Daddy’” says Accidental Tai Tai blogger / mom Kate.
  4. Make it easy. “It’s important to start with something that requires little skill but with great outcome e.g. blueberry muffin (just mix everything and stir). The key here is not to teach them skill but to get the interested and spark interest to pursue it,” says Pastry Chef Joanna.

What do we recommend? We recommend you do it all: make it a little playful, make it messy, make it nutritious, make it delicious. That’s why the #FoodRevolutionDay team has sponsored our super popular, super simple, super easy, super messy, absolutely yummy, Steak Quesadillas dish that launches on May 19.

Got kids? Make this dish with them and revolutionize they way they look at food and their own health.

SI’s Steak Quesadillas with Roasted Chilli-Tomato Salsa, Lime-Sour Cream and Carrot-Coriander Slaw

Any other suggestions on ways to revolutionize the way our youth look at food?

– this article is written by: Priya is the Head of Marketing at Secret Ingredient.