Superfood 超級食物系列


我們一直都避免用「超級食物」這個形容去介紹食物,除了去年(2013)聯合國定為國際藜麥年(international year of quinoa)並用上「超級食物」去介紹藜麥才轉載之。


希望大家透過Superfood 系列可以認識更多有益的真食物!

藜麥 Quinoa
羽衣甘藍 KALE
芝麻 Sesame Seeds 
海帶 Seaweed
小麥草 Wheatgrass
薑 Ginger
蘋果 Apple
香蕉 Banana
綠茶 Green Tea

超級食物 : 羽衣甘藍的營養價值 Super Food : The Nutritional Value of KALE


認識 羽衣甘藍 KALE

羽衣甘藍 (Kale) 是近年被受追捧的超級食物,含有豐富的維他命 K, A 及 C、微量元素錳、銅及植物化學物質,有指對某些癌症有正面作用。


  • 120微克的鈣,特別適合素食者及無奶飲食者。
  • 69µg葉酸,葉酸有助血液組成、維持免疫系統的正常運作;更有助女性懷孕期間身體組織的成長。
  • 豐富的黃體素,是抗氧化劑,維持眼晴健康。
  • 448 µg維他命 A,能幫助皮膚、視力維持正常及協助免疫系統的正常運作。
  • 57微克的維他命 C (比紅蘿蔔高出十七倍),是血管、骨、軟骨、齒齦、皮膚、牙齒均需要的膠原形成的元素;能協助免疫系統的正常運作、增加鐵質的吸收及保護細胞免受氧化破壞。



The word “superfood” is being used more liberally these days but kale truly is super.

Portion for portion kale is hard to beat when it comes to the number of nutrients it contains and a great choice for those wanting to enjoy a healthy balanced diet. Kale is an excellent source of vitamins K, A and C, as well as containing useful amounts of manganese, copper and phytochemicals, which are believed to help against certain types of cancer.

Why is kale good for me?

1 portion (80g) of cooked kale contains 120mg of calcium, which makes it a useful source of this important mineral, especially for vegans and people on dairy free diets

Kale is an excellent source of folate with 69µg in every 80g of cooked curly kale. Folate is the form of folic acid occurring naturally in food. Folic acid is a B vitamin and is important because it: supports the growth of a mother’s tissues during pregnancy; plays a role in normal formation of blood, and supports the immune system to function normally

Kale is rich in lutein – an anti-oxidant which helps keep the eyes healthy. Kale contains 76mg lutein per kg, compared to broccoli which has 17mg. Experts recommend we should eat 6-10mg of lutein each day.

A portion (80g) of cooked kale contains 448µg Vitamin A which plays a supporting role in maintaining normal skin and vision, and helps the immune system to function normally.

Gram for gram kale contains 17 times more vitamin C than carrots. A portion (80g) of cooked kale contains 57mg of vitamin C which is important because it plays a role in the formation of collagen for blood vessels, bone, cartilage, gums, skin and teeth; supports the immune system to work normally; increases iron absorption and plays a role in protecting the cells from oxidative damage

Raw kale is an excellent source of vitamin K containing 704.8µg per 100g. Vitamin K plays a role in normal blood clotting and plays a role in maintaining normal bones

Kale is virtually fat free and low in calories.

Photo: Suzies Farm

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