TV series: Farmed and Dangerous 美劇揭食物危機

The series, titled Farmed and Dangerous, starts on February 17 and stars Ray Wise, of Twin Peaks and Mad Men fame. Like Chipotle’s previous short films Back To The Startand The Scarecrow, the aim of the series is to entertain audiences and in turn raise debate about industrial farming practices (while emphasising Chipotle’s commitment to sustainable farming). Wise plays Buck Marshall, a cartoon-like evil corporate figure who represents the Industrial Food Image Bureau, a department devoted to presenting the industrial agriculture business in terms that are palatable to the public.

The series is not some make-up stories, but things that actually happening around the world. There are farmers feed their animals with hormones and antibiotics to make them grow faster and bigger, while if we eat more of that kind of meat, the weaker our inborn antibiotic system will be. FAO’s 2009 report shows food used by the  industrial farming practices can feed 3.5billion people for one year.

美國電視短篇劇《Farmed and Dangerous》以食物安全為題,故事講述畜牧業巨頭公司 Animoil 為減低成本,使用一種名為 Petropellet 的石油藥丸餵飼動物;男主角 Chip Randolph 揭發了這不可告人的秘密,因而牽起一連串風波。劇情還涉及基因改造食物危機及動物權益等的綠色議題。預告片中,出現了長有四對翅膀的雞隻,是劇中科學家為增加雞翼產量研發出來的怪物。


正因如此,《Farmed and Dangerous》的製作人希望透過峰迴路轉的劇情,讓大家關注食物安全問題。一連四集的新劇將於2月17日起在網上播映。

Source:Creative Review

個案參考:丹麥環保餐廳將剩食變成佳餚 Case Study: Copenhagen restaurant turns ‘waste’ into delicious


(Image: Dailymail UK)

由志願團體開設、位於哥本哈根市的非牟利餐廳 Rub and Stub,於2013年9月開業。餐廳可謂非常環保,每日接收由超級市場捐贈快將屆滿食用日期的食材,或者農夫生產過剩、在市場滯銷的農產品,經過廚師的巧手,化成各種佳餚,以免食物腐爛或被丟棄。


A revolutionary restaurant has taken the phrase ‘waste not, want not’ to new levels and offers its guests a menu made entirely from ‘waste’ food.

Rub and Stub in Copenhagen, Demark, creates dishes using food which supermarkets and farmers would usually throw away and is run and operated entirely by volunteers.

Misshapen bananas, tomatoes which have a greeness to them and produce close to its best before date are some of the examples of the perfectly edible ingredients the restaurant use to make their meals- saving this food from being wasted.

Vheck it out next time when you visit Copenhagen!

Source: Dailymail UK
Image: Dailymail UK