Food Hackathon + Experience@SCMP


Food Hackathon + Experience

Specialists in agriculture, cooking and food share their expertise. Plus sharing sessions. In English. Part of the Food Revolution 2015 series of events. May 17, 2.30pm-5.30pm, Taste Library, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen St, Central, free. Inquiries:

Source: South China Morning Post

Food Revolution 2015: Annual Global Health & Food Campaign in May


Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution 2015
Annual Global Health & Food Campaign in May

20 Thousand HK Students involved
Over 30 activities for General Public


In a Nutshell 

1 Sign It Share It Petition

Jamie Oliver launched a global petition to fight for compulsory, practical food education for all children in schools across the world

2 Food Revolution Day Theme Song

Jamie has successfully invited Ed Sheeran, Sir Paul McCartney, Chris Martin, Hugh Jackman & Paloma Faith etc. to create a song to celebrate the Food Revolution Day

3 Fight for Food Education

In Hong Kong, the local team has delivered numerous health & food education workshops & talks to over 20 thousand students in 2 years.

4 Food Revolution in Hong Kong

The local team will host 6 public activities, 5 school activities, over 20 food & health, cooking workshops, and offer over 300 free translated recipes as well as shopping discounts to celebrate the 4th Food Revolution Day in 2015.


Food Revolution, a Global Topic

Food is always an important topic for everyone, especially in terms of finding solutions to different problems that constantly emerge. With the opening of Expo Milano last week, forums will be held to discuss food crisis, hunger & obesity, and food sustainability among all the participating countries. According to a report from the United Nations, 1.3 billion tonnes of food is lost or wasted every year around the world, at least 2.8 million people die each year as a result of being overweight or obese, and 870 million people were still hungry in 2010-2012. We need changes!

In Hong Kong, the local Food Revolution team will be hosting various food-related activities in May to encourage and raise public interest to learn more about food, practice basic cooking techniques and discuss the issue of food waste.

“FRD x Food Hackathon + Experience” takes its inspiration from Expo Milano. Experts from a broad range of sectors such as agriculture, cooking, food education, and food waste are invited to lead discussions on various food issues through food jamming and sharing. Other activities include green markets and free cooking workshops, offering a chance for the public to learn more about our food system.

On the Food Revolution Day (15 May), the team will be visiting a local school, making Jamie Oliver’s “Squash It Sandwich” with 150 school kids, letting them experience the fun of cooking!

Public Activities – Free Admission
Date Time Activity Venue
16-May Sat 1pm-5:30pm FRD x WKND Market
Green Market with Free Workshops
17-May Sun 2:30-5:30pm FRD x Food Hackathon + Experience

Food Jamming & Sharing

Taste Library, PMQ
24-May Sun 1-6pm FRD x { Mamasmart } Green Market

Green Market with Free Workshops

Hong Kong Science Park
Phase 2
30-May Sat 10am-12pm FRD x FoodCycle+
Food Waste Recycling Education Tour
Food Education Centre,
Sheung Shui

School Activities

Date Time Activity Venue No.
9-May Sat 10:30am-
FRD: The SciChef Cooking
Home Management Centre, HK Electric 40
15-May Fri 12-1pm FRD: 150 Students Cooking
St. Joseph’s Anglo-Chinese School 150

According to the World Health Organisation, 42 million children under the age of five were overweight or obese around the world in 2013. Something is seriously wrong with our relationship with food and we need to act now before our health services around the world become overwhelmed by the effects of preventable diet-related disease.  With enough support, we can create a movement that’s powerful enough to force governments everywhere – including yours – to take action in the fight against diet-related diseases.

Full Activity List:

香港HK – 為食起革命x黑客松 +經驗 Food Revolution HK x Food Hackathon + Experience



我要飲食教育:為食起革命 黑客松 +經驗


Food Revolution HK x Food Hackathon + Experience


活動第一炮:我要飲食教育:為食起革命 黑客松 +經驗


時間:下午 2 時至 6 時 (公眾時段:下午 2時30分至 5 時30分)

地點:PMQ味道圖書館 (中環鴨巴甸街35號PMQ H504)

人數:場地共有 4 個房間,每個可容納 20 人,活動最多可同時容納 80人

Date: 17 May 2015, Sunday

Time: 2 – 6 pm (Public Session: 2:30-5:30pm)

Venue: Taste Library, PMQ (PMQ H504)

Language: Cantonese


第一節    2:30-3:15

第二節    3:30-4:15

第三節    4:30-5:15


報名請 按此 Ticket Here

  • 什麼是飲食教育?
  • 飲食教育如何影響你的一生?
  • 資深的飲食革新者、企業家、營養師將與你在味道圖書館的四個空間分享

農業、烹飪、飲食教育及食物廢物 這四個範圍的各種事情,並與參加者一同探討食物系統的各種問題及商討不同創新的解決方案。


FIGHT FOR FOOD EDUCATION: Food Revolution HK x Food Hackathon + Experience brings together leading food innovators, entrepreneurs, and scholars to collaborate on innovative solutions to grand challenges in our food system.

An appointed host will lead a casual discussion on their specialized field in different rooms {4 directions}, participates can actively involve or changing room anytime they preferred.


[農業 FARM]

歐羅有機農場 創辦人 黃如榮先生

Yuwing Wong, Owner of Au Law Organic Farm

香港本地有機蔬菜購物平台 創辦人 李史校先生及王藝彬先生

Derek Li & James Wong, Founders of OrganNet Market


PMQ 味道圖書館 助理策展人 葉子騫先生

Edward YIP, Assistant Curator of PMQ Taste Library

健康餐廳 料理農務 顧問大廚 甘穎先生

Joel Kam,Chef Consultant at SOHOFAMA


PMQ 味道圖書館 策展人 歐陽應霽 先生

Craig Au-Yeung Ying-chai, Cross-Media Artist, Curator of PMQ Taste Library

為食起革命 全球超級大使 陳嘉惠小姐

Beatrice Chan, Food Revolution’s Super Ambassador, Chief of Go.Asia


香港有機資源再生中心 研發部 技術經理 鄭逸豪先生

Shawn Cheng, Technical Consultant, Hong Kong Organic Waste Recycling Centre

香港地球之友 高級社區教育經理 鄭茹蕙 小姐

Vivien Cheng, Senior Community Education Manager, Friends of the Earth (HK)


黃如榮先生 Yuwing Wong

歐羅有機農場創辦人。3年前毅然放棄高薪厚職,回到老家的農場種菜,將20多年管理經驗融入農場裡。阿榮决心打造香港有機蔬菜品牌,同時又推出手機 App 吸引忙碌中產訂菜,現時農場產品有價有市,為香港農業殺出了一條新血路。

李史校先生 Derek Li

香港本地有機蔬菜購物平台(OrganNet Market)創辦人之一。ONM是網上公平貿易平台,香港的有機農場直接在平台售賣有機認證農作物給消費者。

王藝彬先生 James Wong

香港本地有機蔬菜購物平台(OrganNet Market)創辦人之一。同時也是本地一間I.T. 公司的創辦人, 他利用自身的技能參與創建了ONM這個網上平台。

葉子騫先生 Edward Yip

PMQ味道圖書館 助理策展人。懂三文四語的八十後懶人,全職PMQ Taste Library助理策展人,副業胡思亂想,把飲食混入生活的每一部份。會寫也會煮,每星期非常正經地在《Milk》雜誌分享自己不太正經的飲食想法,隨文附送食譜一則。

甘穎先生 Joel Kam

健康餐廳 料理農務 顧問大廚。Joel 於巴黎受訓成為專業大廚,曾於法國多家知名餐廳學藝,師承 Joel Rubuchon及Alain Ducasse等等星級名廚。Joel 最近創立 希望為香港的本地家庭帶來健康的煮食選擇。

歐陽應霽先生 Craig Au-Yeung Ying-chai

PMQ味道圖書館 策展人、跨媒體創作人、飲食文化策展人。活躍於港、台、大陸各地,涉獵漫畫、寫作、設計、餐飲創作顧問種種。相信越軌跨界,熱衷搗亂生事,中年無休,老來從簡,玩物養志。

陳嘉惠小姐  Beatrice Chan

《親子Play Kitchen  ─ 教出識煮惜食的孩子》作者

Jamie Oliver 為食起革命 全球超級大使及香港區大使、我.惜.食. 健康飲食教育 發起人、社會創新慈善項目Go.Asia 愛心起動總幹事、晴報、新假期、信報專欄作家。

鄭逸豪先生 Shawn Cheng


鄭茹蕙小姐 Vivien Cheng





及由 香港有機資源再生中心 品牌 FoodCycle+,提供本地培植咖啡渣蠔菇、紫蘿蔔苗、羽毛豆苗等食材

活動主辦單位 Organizers::Go.Asia 愛心起動Taste Library 味道圖書館

有關 Go.Asia 愛心起動

Go.Asia 愛心起動 是 DotAsia 基金會 (IRD 91/12820) 旗下一個倡導社會創新的慈善項目,先後把 Jamie Oliver 的《為食起革命》(Food Revolution) 及聯合國惜食活動帶來香港,由關注健康飲食開始,以個人力量去推動社會正向改變。《我.惜.食.》是 Go.Asia 的學校及社區飲食教育課程,免費為全港中小學生提供互動的健康飲食講座及烹飪示範,至今已服務本港 2萬名學童。

About Go.Asia

Go.Asia is a platform under DotAsia Foundation (IRD 91/12820) that aims to initiate social innovation and charitable projects. Go.Asia has successfully brought Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and United Nations’ anti-food waste program to Hong Kong and has raised awareness across the region. Both initiatives promote using individual efforts to create positive changes to the society. “Think.Cook.Save.” is Go.Asia first school and community food & health education program focused on delivering free talks and cooking demonstrations to school kids.

有關 Taste Library 味道圖書館

由PMQ和香港資深跨媒體創作人歐陽應霽聯手打造的味道圖書館,集合三千本覆蓋世界各地飲食文化生活的經典食譜、飲食旅遊文學、飲食歷史文化評論、飲食潮流指南,以及數百本各地飲食生活期刊,都是來自歐陽應霽二十年來的個人收藏。經Hong Kong Design Centre專業圖書館管理人員的全力支持,對圖書館藏書進行編排整理分門別類,從最清晰明暸的陳列秩序開放給大眾使用。


About Taste Library

Presented by PMQ and Hong Kong’s well-respected artist Craig Au Yeung Ying Chai as part of the resource centre, Taste Library holds a collection of three thousand books covering different food cultures from around the globe: from classic recipes to travel and living; from food history to cities’ food guides. With the great support from the librarian team of Hong Kong Design Centre, Taste Library is open to the public with the clearest and most user-friendly catalog.

The two thousand square-foot library is divided into three sections. The magazine reading area is open to the public to discover about Taste Library and its food philosophy with the impressive magazine collections and the helpful introduction of our staff. The three reading rooms are set to be a homey environment where members can consume the all-rounded collections of international food literature. The open kitchen area is the most exciting and sparkling area that adjoins the reading rooms. Along with these, cross-platform educational and creative food events will also find a home in the library too – this is a library with unlimited flavour and possibility!