de Tour 2015 創意匯聚10日棚-Connect with Taste (I) – “Cook with us”


食物提供養份外,同時亦被視作拉近和修補關係,把餐桌上的人聯繫起來的工具。味道圖書館響應deTour2015 本年”CONNECTION”的口號,熱愛煮飪人士將有 機會在一應俱全的廚房做出一個你最喜歡的菜式,跟親友甚至遊人分享,以食物聯繫彼此。 只要於今日起至十一月二十四日期間在味道圖書館超過三千本的食物藏書裡找出你最喜歡的食譜,並將食譜分享至INSTAGRAM或 FACEBOOK,配以hashtag #foodieattastelibrary 和 #tastelibrary。我們將於十一月二十五日邀請 十位得到最多讚好的參加者與及三位親友於deTour2015舉行期間在首次對外開放的廚房,跟策展人歐陽應霽一起下廚烹調你最喜歡的菜式,來一個不一樣的食物體驗。

Food not just provides nutrition; it is also a powerful tool to link people together. In respond to the theme of deTour2015 “CONNECTION”, cook lovers can have a chance to use the library kitchen at Taste Library. Participants can cook their favourite dish in this fully equipped kitchen and create an enjoyable connection with their friends and family and others. Visit Taste Library before 24 November and take a photo of one of your favourite recipe from our massive cook book collection. Share it on your Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #foodieattastelibrary and #tastelibrary. 10 participants with the most like by 25 November will be invited together with 3 guests to join with Taste library curator Craig Au Yeung during deTour2015 to cook the dish for a brand new cooking experience.

菜譜徵集時間Recipes Collection Time: 2015/11/1 – 2015/11/24
烹飪時間Cooking Date: 2015/11/27, 2015/11/29, 2015/12/3 – 2015/12/5
時間Time: 11:00 – 18:00

地點:Taste Library, Unit H504 (5 FL, H Building), PMQ

報名工作坊: 請把個人資料 (姓名、聯絡電話) 及選擇的工作坊時段發送至