賀年Fusion蘿蔔糕 CNY Fusion Turnip Cake


材料 Ingredient A
粘米粉 Rice flour :100 克g
粟粉 Cornstarch :50 克g
水 Water:150 克g

材料 Ingredient B
蘿蔔肉 Shredded Chinese Radish :600 克 g(淨肉計)
水 (加浸牛肝菌水) 或雞湯 Chicken Stock: 250 克 g
黑糖 (或紅、白糖也可) Sugar:2 茶匙 teaspoon
海鹽 Salt:1茶匙 teaspoon
胡椒粉Ground White Pepper:1/2茶匙 teaspoon

配料 Other Ingredient C
牛肝菌乾片 Dried Porcini Mushroom:10 片 pieces (先用水略冲洗,再以熱水浸至菌身變軟。浸菌水加水用來煮蘿蔔)
巴馬火腿 Parma Ham:100克 g (愈陳年愈濃味/鹹,視乎個人口味,購買件裝回來切粒)

或傳統配料 or Traditional Ingredients :臘味 cured meat (如臘肉、臘腸 dried Chinese sausages、膶腸、蝦米 dried shrimp)、冬菇 Chinese dried black mushrooms


做法 Method 
1) 先把已切粒配料炒香,備用。
Stir-fry the chopped “Other Ingredient C” for later use.

2) 材料A攪拌撈勻成粉漿,備用。
Mixed “Ingredient A” until it looks like paste, set aside for later use.

3) 材料B:蘿蔔肉切粗條,加入水、糖、海鹽、胡椒一同以大火煮滾,轉細火煮約10分鐘或至蘿蔔條透明熟透,然後倒入盆中。再慢慢加入粉漿並攪拌均勻。最後加入其他配料、攪勻並倒入蒸盆(可放約兩個15cm闊蒸盆),蓋上保鮮紙,大火蒸約40分鐘,即成。可切片即食或存放雪櫃,食用時切片或切粒加熱(蒸、煎或加入蔬菜炒均可)。
Boiled “Ingredient B” for 10 minutes or until the Shredded Chinese Radish cooked well. Put the well-cooked radish into a big bowl then pour “Ingredient A” (the paste) slowly into the bowl then stir-well. Put “Other Ingredient C” into the mixture then mix well. Pour the well-mixed paste into a steamed pan and wrap it with cling wrap. Steamed it around 40 minutes. Let it cool down and store it in the refrigerator. Re-heat the sliced Turnip Cake by steaming, pan-fried or stir-fried with vegetables.

食譜及圖片提供:陳嘉惠 Recipe & Photo by Beatrice Chan

[農曆新年食譜] 年糕 CNY Recipe: Chinese New Year’s Cake(Nian Gao)

份量 Serve: 12 人

材料 Ingredients 
1.5杯 水
2.5杯 片糖
8半杯 菜油
4.5杯 糯米粉
3粒 杞子
1-1/2 cups water
2-1/2 cups dark brown sugar, packed
1/2 cup vegetable oil
4-1/2 cups sweet rice flour (Available in Asian specialty markets)
3 dried red dates

1. 用一深鍋把 水煮滾,加片糖和油煮至完全溶解。待涼約20分鐘備用。

In a large saucepan, boil the water, add the sugar and the oil, and stir just until the sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool for about 20 minutes.

2. 把糯米粉先過篩,逐少加入糖水中。一邊加麵粉,一邊不停拌勻,直至完全混合,倒到8吋圓形模。杞子放在中央。
Mix the rice flour thoroughly with the cooled liquid and transfer the mixture into an 8-inch round aluminum pan. (The aluminum pans at supermarket salad bars work very well for this). Set the dates in the middle.

3.  放入鑊中,用大火隔水蒸約 50分鐘。年糕本身很黏,就算熟透後,用筷子插進去,都會很黏的。蒸時用錫箔紙蓋上,避免年糕沾水。
Put an inch of water into a wok, a large pot, or a large flat pan and carefully set the pan of batter in the water. Cover lightly with aluminum foil and gently steam the mixture for about 50 minutes. Take care not to let the water boil over into the nian gao.

Source: Spoonful

紅運當頭﹣新年自家種小蕃茄[西紅杮] Grow Your Tomatoes in CNY


•  忌高溫,宜放於濕潤環境,及選排水力較佳的砂壤土。
•  日照不足開花結果會出現不良情況,也容易造成落花枯萎的現象。
•  開花後每周在泥土表面灑上少量熟石灰,以防果實缺鈣而變黑。
•  番茄可長至一米多的高度,要因應種植空間慎選品種,空間較小的宜選高度有限的盆栽番茄品種。
•  鮮紅的番茄十分受雀鳥歡迎,可用網袋套著果實,免被偷食。

1. 可直接購買番茄苗,或自行培苗:將種子泡水6小時,在未有肥料的泥土中分散地置入種子,並覆土2cm和澆水至泥土濕透。
2. 培苗可於小花盆進行,待成功發芽的幼苗長到6至7片葉時再移到種植箱內繼續種植(定植)。
3. 移苗前先在種植箱施適量基肥,建議用花生麩和骨粉。幼苗之間保持約20cm以上距離。
4. 番茄苗長至15cm高時,最好立支架扶植,並用麻繩綁於支架上,避免被風吹倒。大約20天後開始施肥,之後每7至10天再追肥次。
5. 番茄生長約40天後開始開花,定植後75至85天會有收成,收成期約有2個月;小番茄則快一點,65至75天,收成期約有3個月。

Tomato is one of the most popular home-grown food. It looks lovely, tastes good, rich in nutritions and easy to grow! The most important tip is to sow the seed during the appropriate season. Never sow the seed in hot summer. If you are doing this in SE monsoon climate region, like HK, it will be the best to seed before late February.

1. You can either sow tomato seeds from a packet bought at the nursery or buy seedlings from the nursery. I’d do the latter if you haven’t grown tomatoes before.[nursery:  place the seeds inside water for 6 hours, then cover them by 2cm think non-fertilised soil, add water till the soil is wetted. ]
2. Nurse the plant in small plot and transplant to a larger container when there are about 6-7 news leaves can be found.
3. Preparing to transplant. Fertilise the soil with Make sure to space each hole at least 20 cm away from each other in all directions. Tomatoes need space to grow! Transplanting is a stressful process for plants.
4. It is the time to add the stake when the tomatoes grow to about 15 cm tall. Bamboo or wooden ones are best. As your tomatoes grow, keep tying. Use a soft twine (strips of old stockings are good) and tie around your stake first, then the plant, so it won’t slip as it grows. Start fertilising the plant after another 20 days, then fertilise in every 7-10 days.
5.Iin 40 days you shall see the flowers grow. Leave your tomatoes on the plant until they’re really red – this way they’ll have the best flavour. After about 2-3 months they should be fully grown and ready to eat.

資料來源: Go.Asia