Food Revolution Hong Kong’s FRD Cooking Challenge


Food Revolution Hong Kong’s FRD Cooking Challenge

A recipe to “Feed the Future”

How to get involved?

Follow these simple steps to share your own recipe(s) on social media. You can also invite any friends to take this challenge within 7 days in May 2016!

Step 1 – Submit your recipe (with ingredients, steps, and cooking tips if any)

Step 2 – Take a photo (1 photo of your completed dish or photo with steps) or short video

Step 3 – Post the recipe & photo(s) on your social media platform (e.g. Facebook, Instagram & or Youtube) with the hashtags #FoodRevolution #FRD2016 #FRDCookingChallenge

Step 4 – Last but not least, don’t let it stop! Please invite / tag your friends to take this FRD Cooking Challenge in May 2016! Your friend can choose to accept your challenge or forfeit by donating at least $100 to support a local food education program. Donation details:

You can copy below text for your post:

I [insert your name] accept the challenge from Food Revolution HK or [insert the name of whomever challenged you], I have cooked [insert the name of your dish] with ingredients [insert ingredients] and the cooking methods are [insert cooking methods]. I now invite my friend [insert friend’s name] to accept the same cooking challenge. If you cannot complete this challenge, you can forfeit by donating at least $100 to support a local food education program. Donation methods: #FoodRevolution #FRD2016 #FRDCookingChallenge


All submitted recipes, photos and videos will be uploaded to our official website and Facebook starting from May 2016. Your participation and support is what makes this event a success.


Jamie Oliver’s Photo from Jamie Oliver’s Facebook 

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食德好 X Go.Asia 食物回收體驗團連晚餐 Food Grace x Go.Asia Food Recycling Experience Tour x Dinner


主辦機構:「食德好」-食物回收計劃, Go.Asia

內容: 為響應 聯合國世界環境日2013, 繼低碳果醬工作坊後,「為食起革命」將於6月19日晚上再聯同「食德好」舉辦食物回收體驗團,各位想親身體驗回收剩菜過程及品嚐低碳晚餐嘅朋友,記得快些報名參加!

查詢/電郵: 3972 5261 /

日期:2013年6月19日 (星期三)

網上登記參加:按此, 先到先得

詳情: 按此

性質:籌款 + 身體力行


Organization: Food Grace’s Food Recycling Scheme, Go.Asia

Detail: In response to UNEP’s World Environment Day 2013, local ngo Food Grace’s Food Recycling Scheme, together with Go.Asia are organizing a “Food Recycling Experience Tour x Dinner” activity on 19th June. Participants can experience how food recycling takes place and how Food Grace works, and of course, to enjoy a ‘low carbon emission’ supper!

For enquiry: 3972 5261 /

Fee: HKD 220@ (Student: HKD 180@)

Language: Cantonese

Date: 19th June 2013 (Wed)

Online Enrollment: Click Here, first come first serve.

Website: Click here

Nature: Fund-raising, hands-on

Region: Hong Kong

五月,一起「為食起革命 」! Support Food Revolution Day: MAY 2013!