齊齊現身支持 “為食起革命”!Look who’s supporting Jamie on Food Revolution Day 2013!

“X-men” 狼人 曉治積曼 (Hugh Jackman) 同 “鐵甲奇俠” (Iron Man) 女主角 桂莉芙柏德露 (Gwyneth Paltrow) 都現身支持 “為食起革命”!

Will you be supporting Jamie Oliver on Food Revolution Day?  Check out this amazing video of celebrity supporters, including Hugh Jackman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Olsen, Alyssa Milano, Michael Pollan, Cat Deeley, Ronan Keating and many more from across the world backing Food Revolution Day on May 17.

Let’s Get involved! Together we can Make a Difference!

地球一小時@豆苗居 Earth Hour@ Grassroots Pantry

Earth Hour Raw Dinner flyer

本地精品咖啡室豆苗居(Grassroots Pantry)為表支持,更特設「地球一小時」套餐,為閣下帶來精美菜餚同時,亦鼓勵每個市民減少能源消耗,實踐節能低碳生活,共創可持續發展的未來。

日期: 2013年3月23日(星期六)
地點: 豆苗居 – 西營盤福壽里12號 (地圖 )

Earth Hour is the world’s largest collective environmental action, by individuals, communities, businesses and governments across the world. Participation is simple – everyone turn off their non-essential lights at the appointed time for one hour. This action sends a powerful message: we want a sustainable future.

To support Earth Hour, Grassroots Pantry, a boutique café in town, has created a “Candle-lit, Raw, Vegan Earth Hour Dinner Set “. Let’s support Earth Hour and save our planet together!

Date: 23 Mar 2013 (Saturday)
Address: Grassroots Pantry – 12 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong (map )
Click here for more details.


Grassroots Pantry is a boutique café and workshop dedicated to improving the health and wellness of the community through serving nutritious, homemade, plant-based world dishes.