Asia’s First Regional Food Bank Meeting: Oct 15th & 16th in Hong Kong

Second Harvest Asia will be hosting a two-day event for food banks in the region to meet, share best practices and talk about future cooperation in the region. Food bank representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Korea, and Japan will be joining this historic event.

Food Bank Visit and Workshop on October 15

Venue: The workshop will be held at City Garden Hotel. Located near to the Causeway Bay shopping and tourism district and within 5 minutes stroll to the Fortress Hill MTR station.

Schedule: we will visit local food banks in the morning. The afternoon (2 p.m. to 6 p.m.) there will be a workshop led by professionals in food banking and humanitarian logistics.

Public Forum October 16

Asia’s First Regional Food Bank Forum
“Food Banking As One Response to Hunger”
October 16 in Hong Kong

You are invited to the first regional food banking meeting in Hong Kong!

Co-organised by Second Harvest Asia and the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, this public forum will discuss how the how food banking addresses hunger, the challenges of providing humanitarian assistance, and how corruption can be dealt with when distributing aid. Lastly, two local food banks will present how food banking has developed and been applied in Hong Kong to address hunger issues.

Date: October 16, 2012
Day: Tuesday
Time: 13:30 to 17:00
Venue: Room 102, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service
Address: Duke ofWindor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Keynote Presentations:

Session I

Challenges of Providing Humanitarian Relief”

Mich Mizushima, Chief Logistics Officer, The Fritz Institute (

“Donor to Intended Recipient: The Philippine experience of preventing corruption”

Vincent Lazatin, Executive Director, Transparency and Accountability Network (

Session II

“The Role and Development of Food Banks in the US”

Former COO of St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance of Arizona ( ) the first world’s first food bank and current COO of Feed More (

“Challenges of Food Banking in Asia”

Charles E. McJilton, founder of Second Harvest Japan, Second Harvest Asia, and Salu-Salo: Food Bank Philippines ( )

Session III

“Development and Application of Food Banking in Hong Kong”

Food Bank Hong Kong( ) – Connie NG, Service Manager
HSBC ( ) –Jocelyn ENDEAN, head of Corporate services for HSBC
Feeding Hong Kong ( ) – Gabrielle Kirstein, Executive Director

To register for your place, please email and offer us the following information:
· Full Name
· Job Title
· Organisation
· Email Address
· Day Time Telephone Number
· How you heard about this event
· Any specific questions you would like to see addressed at this event

Please reigister early to secure your place as the Regional Food Banking Meeting is a FREE public forum. Due to limited space, only the first 200 who registered will be accepted. An email notification will be sent to you within 48 hours of your registration.

For enquiries, please email

Source: Second Harvest Asia

名人烹飪課堂 Celebrity Cooking Class

名人烹飪課堂:  由汪詩詩、汪圓圓及母親汪太親自教授汪家上海雲吞

(香港,2012年5月19日) 為響應靚仔廚神傑米·奧利佛(Jamie Oliver) 發起的《為食起革命》全球飲食關注活動,一向熱愛烹飪及廚藝了得的汪詩詩聯同妹妹圓圓遂鼓勵母親把最拿手的家傳上海雲吞菜譜傳授給全世界愛吃人士,並與Jamie Oliver 分享此上海傳統家庭菜式。為準備此活動,三人更於昨天親身到街市買材料,出錢又出力。

二人聯同表姊妹齊齊向汪母學習包上海雲吞的秘技,實踐 Jamie Oliver 「烹飪技巧是一代傳一代」的信念。《為食起革命》是希望更多人走進廚房,親自煮食。這樣不但可以控制食物來源,更能令家人食得更健康,活得更快樂。詩詩一向最關注家人的健康,因此對是次活動的支持不遺餘力。

詩詩在訪問期間透露:「上海雲吞是每個上海媽媽必懂的菜餚,但每個家庭也有自己的秘技。媽媽的秘密就是加入了鮮蝦,而且她會在煮雲吞的時候,不厭其煩地重複三次在雲吞加熱浮起後,加入凍水再煮的秘技,令雲吞更爽口好吃,我們家中上下各人也十分喜歡呢! Donnie更讚不絕口,現在全世界也知道我們一家是上海雲吞的超級粉絲了。」另外,詩詩及圓圓姊妹自小就有良好的飲食教育,因為汪媽從不嬌縱她們,要她們嘗試不同食物,就算不喜歡吃的也會軟硬兼施地要她們嘗試。


早前子丹為Jamie Oliver《為食起革命》拍攝了一齣宣傳短片,在訪問中大讚詩詩及岳母的廚藝。這段短片在華爾街日報、路透社等外國媒體也有介紹,連Jamie Oliver 也希望親身多謝子丹的支持。

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Celebrity Cooking Class: Cissy Wang, Irene Wang and Mrs. Wang share their secret Shanghai Wonton recipe

(HKG,19 May,2012)  Food Revolution Day is all about eating good, buying local, passing cooking skills and offering proper food education.  In order to show support for Jamie Oliver’s food Revolution Day, Hong Kong celebrities Cecilia Wang  invited her mum, Mrs. Jennifer Wang, to conduct a cooking class on 19 May. During the class, Mrs. Wang taught them how to make the traditional Shanghai Wonton with her secret recipe.

Cecilia is passionate about cooking and she loves her mother’s home-made cooking a lot.  Sometimes ago, her husband Donnie Yen was invited to  represent Asia to joined Jamie Oliver the Food Revolution day. In the promotion video, Donnie has  mentioned that Cissy cooks really well! To Cecilia, it is important to pass our cooking skills to our next generation.  And as taught by Mrs. Wang, parents need to encourage their  kids to try everything, even if their kids do not really enjoy certain kind of food.  This is the secret of having  healthy life.

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名廚烹飪班@Culinart. Cooking Class@Culinart

為響應《為食起革命》,世界級名廚 Chef Stanley Wong 於上星期六,即5月19日,假黃竹坑 The Studio by Culinart  「開班授徒」,以本地有機新鮮食材免費傳授烹飪秘技予約30多名參加者。

當天食材均來自 歐羅有機農場 及 and Bon Vivant Organics。Chef Stanley 除了向大家示範了一道 意大利扁豆螺絲粉沙拉 外,還邀請了Romain Comte of La Truffière Angliss Hong Kong Food Service 向參加者介紹有機葡萄酒會和有關天然養殖牛肉的資訊。

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Hong Kong’s own celebrity chef, Chef Stanley Wong, hosted a cooking class last Saturday, 19 May, at the The Studio by Culinart , to show support for the Food Revolution Day!

Chef Stanley Wong (who’s cooked at Jean-George Vongerichten’s Spice Market in New York, Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong) demonstrated how to easily put together salads and pastas in less then five minutes while using organic vegetables from Au Law Organic Farm and Bon Vivant Organics alongside organic pastas. After a short cooking demo, participants were given a chance to learn about biodynamic wines from Romain Comte of La Truffière and happy beef that run free at the Cedar River farm distributed by Angliss Hong Kong Food Service.

Event photos are available at .