希臘式蔬菜卡巴 Greek vegetable kebabs


份量Serve:  6

120克 哈羅米芝士 120 g halloumi cheese
1個 黃甜椒 1 yellow pepper
1 個 翠玉瓜 1 courgette
140克 車厘茄 140 g cherry tomatoes
半棵 新鮮薄荷 ½ a bunch of fresh mint
亦可隨意選擇以下材料: Optional:
半隻 新鮮指天椒 ½ a fresh red chilli
1個 檸檬 1 lemon
橄欖油 olive oil
鮮磨黑胡椒 freshly ground black pepper

做法 Method
1. 將6枝竹籤用冷水浸透 – 以免竹籤在燒烤時燃燒起來.
Put 6 wooden skewers into a tray of cold water to soak – this will stop them from burning.

2. 將哈羅米芝士切成2cm大小的方粒, 放入大碗裏。
On a chopping board, cut the halloumi into 2cm cubes, then add to a large mixing bowl.

3. 黃甜椒垂直開半, 用茶匙或刀把莖梗,囊和籽去掉. 然後切成塊2厘米大小, 放入大碗裏.
Carefully cut the pepper in half from top to bottom, then trim away the stalk, seeds and any white pith (you can use teaspoon to do this), then slice into 2cm pieces and add to the bowl.

4. 翠玉瓜垂直開半, 再切成半厘米厚的半圓形片. 連同洗淨的車厘茄放入大碗.
Cut the courgette in half lengthways, then cut into half-moon slices, roughly ½cm thick, then add to the bowl along with the tomatoes.

5. 摘去乾或爛掉的薄荷葉,洗淨及瀝乾. 將薄荷葉切成細碎, 放入大碗. 莖梗不要.
Pick the mint leaves onto a board and finely chop them, discarding the stalks.

6. 把指天椒的囊和籽去掉, 然後切成細碎. 處理時要小心灼傷皮膚、眼睛.
Carefully deseed and finely chop the chilli, if using.

7. 用刨絲器將刨下檸檬皮蓉, 連同薄荷葉碎, 指天椒碎 (不喜辣可不加) 和 2湯匙橄欖油, 放入大碗.
Use a microplane to finely grate the lemon zest onto a board, then add to the bowl along with the mint leaves, chilli (if using), and 2 tablespoons of olive oil.

8. 加入鮮磨黑胡椒調味, 並和其他材料撈均.
Season with a pinch of pepper, then mix well to coat.

9. 用燒烤高火預熱焗爐.
Preheat the grill to high.

10. 給焗盤上一層薄油備用.
Lightly grease a baking tray with oil, then put aside.

11. 將已調味的哈羅米芝士,黃甜椒,翠玉瓜和車厘茄用預先浸透的竹籤相間地串起來.
Thread and divide the halloumi cubes, cherry tomatoes, pepper and courgette pieces between the skewers.

12. 把蔬菜串放在已抹油的焗盤上, 再放入焗爐燒烤至芝士成金黃色及蔬菜變軟身, 中途翻至另一面繼續燒烤至兩面金黃色及蔬菜熟透. 大概需時10-12分鐘.
Place onto the greased tray and cook under the grill for 10 to 12 minutes, or until the cheese is golden and the veg are soft, turning halfway through.

13. 配上新鮮蔬菜沙律和彼得包之類的薄麵包享用.
Serve with a fresh green salad and some flatbreads or pittas.

More about this recipe: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/vegetables-recipes/greek-vegetable-kebabs

Special thanks on translation: Ms Joyce Chow

夏日盤焗三文魚 Summer tray-baked Salmon


份量Serve:  4

海鹽 sea salt
現磨黑胡椒碎 freshly ground black pepper
700克 新薯 700g new potatoes
100克 四季豆 100g runner beans
100克 法式四季豆 100g green beans
100克鮮青豆 100g podded fresh peas
40克無鹽牛油 40g unsalted butter
橄欖油 olive oil
2個檸檬 2 lemons
1/2束新鮮羅勒 ½ a bunch of fresh basil
一大束茴香頭或蒔蘿 a handful of fresh fennel tops or dill
4片200克連皮三文魚,去鱗及骨 4 x 200g salmon fillets, skin on, scaled and pin-boned
建議添加品: Optional:
大量黃色法式四季豆 a large handful of yellow French beans

做法 Method
1. 預熱焗爐至攝氏230度/華氏450度/煤氣8度
1. Preheat the oven to 230ºC/450ºF/gas 8.

2. 於大型平底鍋中注入冷水至半滿,加入少量鹽
2. Half-fill a large saucepan with cold water and add a tiny pinch of salt.

3. 以大火將水煮沸
3. Place on a high heat and bring to the boil. Meanwhile…

4. 與此同時,將薯仔切半,小的可保持原個
4. Give the new potatoes a good scrub with a scrubber, then on a chopping board cut any bigger ones in half, leaving the smaller ones whole.

5. 四季豆由頭部切至絲根位
5. Cut the tips from the runner beans until you cut into the stringy piece that runs the length of the bean.

6. 將豆兩邊絲根去除,斜切5厘米長
6. Pull the stringy bit and peel it down the length of the beans on both sides of each one, then slice at an angle into 5cm pieces.

7. 法式四季豆切去頭部,尾部可留下,斜切3厘米長
7. Trim the stalk-ends from the green and French beans, if using, but leave the wispy tips on, then slice the beans at an angle into 3cm pieces.

8. 水沸後,慢慢放入薯仔,待滾後再煮10至12分鐘(視乎薯仔大小)或至薯仔將熟
8. Once boiling, carefully lower the potatoes into the water with a slotted spoon, bring back to the boil, then cook for around 10 to 12 minutes (depending on the size of your potatoes), or until they’re nearly done.Meanwhile…

9. 若鮮青豆還在豆莢內,取出青豆
9. If your peas are still in their pods, pod them now.

10. 當薯仔將熟時,加入所有四季豆再煮四分鐘
10. When the time’s up on the potatoes, carefully add all the beans to the pan and cook for a further 4 minutes.

11. 用笊篱隔去薯仔和四季豆水份,滴乾水份至數分鐘後,放進25厘米x35厘米焗盤
11. Drain the potatoes and beans over the sink into a colander and steam dry for a couple of minutes, then tip into a 25cm x 35cm roasting tray.

12. 灑上青豆,加入牛油及一湯匙橄欖油
12. Scatter over the peas, dot over the butter and drizzle with 1 tablespoon of olive oil.

13. 使用特幼刨絲器將檸檬皮刨下再磨,灑於焗盤內
13. Use a microplane to finely grate the zest of both lemons onto a chopping board, then scatter into the tray.

14. 檸檬對切
14. Cut the lemons in half.

15. 將半個檸檬汁加入三文魚和蔬菜,再用手指揀開果渣
15. Squeeze the juice over the salmon and vegetables, using your fingers to catch any pips.

16. 趁蔬菜還熱時,加入少量鹽和胡椒調味,並拌勻吸收
16. Season lightly with salt and pepper then, toss together while still warm so that the flavours are absorbed.

17. 羅勒去莖留葉,與茴香頭或蒔蘿一起切碎
17. Pick the basil leaves, discarding the stalks, then roughly chop them with the fennel tops or dill.

18. 於盤內灑上香草
18. Scatter half the herbs into the tray.

19. 於三文魚皮上輕輕切數刀
19. Carefully score the salmon fillets lightly on the skin side.

20. 三文魚上塗上鹽、胡椒及橄欖油,於切割口填入剩餘香草,把三文魚放在薯仔和四季豆上。
20. Rub each fillet with a little salt, pepper and olive oil, stuff the scores with the remaining herbs and place on top of the potatoes and beans, then wash your hands.

21. 視乎魚的大細及厚度,在預熱焗爐內焗10至15分鐘或至三文魚焗熟及薯仔蔬菜全熟
21. Bake in the hot oven for 10 to 15 minutes, depending on the exact size and thickness of your fillets, or until the salmon is cooked through and the vegetables are soft.

22. 將三文魚上碟,並將焗盤底的湯汁淋上作享用
22. Divide between your plates using a fish slice, then drizzle with the cooking juices from the bottom of the tray and serve.

More about this recipe: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fish-recipes/summer-tray-baked-salmon

Special thanks on translation: Ms Ida Lam

啤梨脆脆沙律 Pear crunch salad


份量Serve:  6

150克 西洋菜 150g watercress
2個 菊苣根 (盡可用不同顏色) 2 heads of chicory, different colours if possible
1個 檸檬 1 lemon
2湯匙 初搾橄欖油 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
海鹽 sea salt
現磨黑胡椒碎 freshly ground black pepper
1個 啤梨(硬身) 1 firm pear
40克 藍芝士 (Stilton或Cashel Blue芝士) 40g blue cheese, such as Stilton or Cashel Blue

做法 Method

1. 除去西洋菜黃及爛的葉,放入餐盤內
Pick out and discard any tatty watercress leaves, then place into a serving bowl.

2. 切去菊苣根底部,再切幼加入餐盤內
Trim the bases of the chicory, then finely slice them and add to the bowl.

3. 檸檬切半
Cut the lemon in half.

4. 於樽內加入檸檬汁,以手指隔開果渣
Squeeze most of the juice into the jar, using your fingers to catch any pips.

5. 於樽內加入初搾橄欖油和少量海盬及現磨黑胡椒碎
Add the extra virgin olive oil to the jar with a tiny pinch of salt and pepper.

6. 蓋上樽蓋並搖勻
Put the lid securely on the jar and shake well.

7. 因應個人喜好可添加少許檸檬汁或油,緊記醬汁應調至輕微偏酸,待加入沙律後仍保持清新檸檬口味
Have a taste and see whether you think it needs a bit more lemon juice or oil – you want it to be slightly too acidic, so that it’s still nice and zingy once you’ve dressed your salad.

8. 切除啤梨莖,連芯將整個切圓片,然後將啤梨片切至火柴般大小
8. Remove the pear stalk and finely slice the pear into rounds (core and all), then use good knife skills to carefully cut the slices across into matchsticks.

9. 於西洋菜上灑上啤梨,並把剩餘的檸檬汁灑在啤梨上,以防啤梨氧化
Scatter the pear over the watercress, then squeeze over the remaining lemon juice to stop the pear turning brown.

Crumble over the blue cheese.

Drizzle over the dressing and gently toss together so everything is nicely coated, then serve.

More about this recipe: http://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/fruit-recipes/pear-crunch-salad

Special thanks on translation: Ms Ida Lam