Renne: 簡易脆皮烤雞 Super Juicy Roast Chicken


Serve 份量:  2-4/人

材料 Ingredient
1隻 雞 1 Chicken
約2湯匙 牛油 About 2 TBSP Butter
2湯匙 楓樹糖漿 2 TBSP Maple syrup

專用工具 Special tools:
– 一隻大型鍋(浸泡雞)A big pot (for soaking chicken)
– 烤架 Chicken roasting rack

Method 做法
1 : 把雞徹底清潔和印乾 Clean chicken thoroughly and pat dry.
砍掉頭和腳,保持底部! (否則肉汁會流出來) 。
Chop off head and feet, keep the bottom! (or all the juices will come out).

2 : 把雞在鹽水裡浸泡Soak Chicken in salted water-
準備一個鍋,灌水至 2/3滿,加入鹽,直到水嚐起來時很鹹。將雞放到鍋裡,請確保您有足夠的水浸泡整雞,然後浸泡約3小時。*備註:鹽水能把水份鎖在雞內裡面,烤焗時肉質便能保持濕潤,因此水在這個菜譜是相當重要的。雞肉不會因為泡在鹽水而變得太鹹,別擔心!
Prepare a pot, big enough to immerse whole chicken. Fill pot 2/3 full, add salt until water tastes really salty. Immerse chicken, make sure you have enough water to soak the whole chicken and soak it for 3 hours.  (p.s. adding salt to the water helps immerse water inside the chicken, keeping it moist after roasting. Therefore the water needs to be quite salty. But the chicken won’t get too salty afterwards. Don’t worry!!)

3 :焙燒前把雞放涼  Air dry chicken before roasting-
Take the chicken out, pat dry and hang it up for air dry 1 hour before roasting. This is an important step that can’t be missed! (p.s. to dry quicker, you can fan-dry the chicken!)

4 : 烤雞 Basting Chicken before roasting-
將烤箱預熱至200℃。將雞垂直固定在烤架上。*備註: 這將有助於滴出所有的雞油份,使雞皮鬆脆。如果你沒有一個烘烤架,你可以幾雞的底部放在汽水罐上,讓它垂直放在烤盤上。
Preheat the oven to 200°C. Fix Chicken on the roasting rack in an upright position. (p.s. this will help dripping out all chicken fat and make the skin quite crispy) *if you don’t have a roasting rack, you can push a used coke can up at the Chicken bottom and try to stand it up on the tray.

將牛油熔掉,再加入約2湯匙楓糖漿,然後搽在雞上。*備註: 這會令烤焗後味道和顏色更好!
Melt butter, then add maple syrup to the butter. Brush all over the chicken. (p.s. this will give the nice flavour and golden brown color after roasting!)

Pop chicken into the oven and start roasting. Normally, I’ll baste chicken every 15mins with the juices it flush out. This helps to achieve good browning!

Try turning the chicken every 15mins for even colouring.

對於一般大小的雞,你可以在烤焗約 45分鐘 – 1小時後檢查它是否煮熟。For normal size chicken, you can check if it’s cooked after 45mins – 1 hour. Depends how powerful your oven is.

When it’s done, remember to let it cool down for 30mins before cutting! Enjoy your super juicy chicken!

Special thanks: Miss Renee Yeung

Jamie 意式烤麵包片 Jamie’s beautiful leftover bruschetta


份量Serve:  4

4片 酸麵包 4 slices sourdough bread
2個 已烤茴香頭 2 bulbs roasted fennel, roughly sliced
數條 新鮮羅勒去葉切碎,小葉留下待用 a few sprigs fresh basil, leaves picked and chopped, smaller leaves reserved
1隻 新鮮紅辣椒,切碎 1 fresh red chilli, finely chopped
1個 檸檬取汁 juice of 1 lemon
1湯匙 初搾橄欖油 extra virgin olive oil
海鹽 sea salt
現磨黑胡椒 freshly ground black pepper
50克 巴馬芝士 50 g Parmesan cheese
125克 水牛芝士球 125 g buffalo mozzarella ball
1瓣 蒜,去皮切碎 1 clove garlic, unpeeled and halved

做法 Method
1. 麵包放於燒烤鍋上烤脆兩面。將茴香頭、羅勒和大部份的辣椒放入碗中
Put your slices of bread onto a hot griddle and toast on both sides. Add the fennel to a bowl with the chopped basil leaves and most of the chilli.

2. 搾入檸檬汁,灑上橄欖油,少許鹽、胡椒,數片巴馬芝士,拌勻。試味後可依個人喜好加入檸檬汁或鹽
Squeeze in the lemon juice, add a good drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and a few shavings of Parmesan, then toss everything together. Have a quick taste to make sure the seasoning is right and add a bit more lemon juice or salt if needed.

3. 當麵包烤好,於麵包上磨擦蒜瓣。灑上橄欖油並放茴香頭
When the bread is nice and charred, rub the cut side of the garlic all over it. Drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil then top with a small handful of your fennel mixture.

Tear the mozzarella into quarters and place one on each bruschetta. Top with some thin shavings of Parmesan, a few little sprinkles of chilli and the reserved basil. And just like that you’ve got a lovely lunch.

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Special thanks on translation: Ms Ida Lam

烤雞肉伴暖四季豆沙津 Barbecued chicken with warm green bean salad

2支新鮮迷迭香,摘葉 2 sprigs of fresh rosemary, leaves picked
海鹽&鮮磨黑胡椒 Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
2湯匙特級初榨橄欖油 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1個檸檬,磨皮及搾汁 Zest and juice of 1 lemon
4件雞胸肉,最好是走地雞,去皮 4 chicken breasts, preferably higher welfare, skin removed
一湯匙原粒芥茉 1 teaspoon wholegrain mustard
橄欖油 Olive oil
24粒連枝車厘茄 24 cherry tomatoes on the vine
400克四季豆,去頭尾 400g green beans, topped with the curly end still on


1.先預熱焗爐100 ºC 。迷迭香同鹽放入研磨缽一起搗碎,然後與橄欖油、一半分量的檸檬汁及檸檬皮拌勻。
Preheat the oven to 100ºC. Pound the rosemary leaves with a pinch of salt in a pestle and mortar or flavour shaker. Mix with the olive oil and half the lemon juice and zest.

2. 將雞肉放在砧板上,從中間片開至八成 (不要切斷呀),好像翻書本般翻開、攤平。四件雞肉都是這樣子。
Lay the chicken on a chopping board. Slice one of the breasts horizontally, as if you were going to cut it in half. Cut it 80 per cent of the way through, then open it up like a book. Flatten it out with the heel of your hand and repeat with the other three.

3.撤上迷迭香於雞肉上,每面醃約數分鐘。弄醬汁啦! 芥茉、檸檬汁及兩倍檸檬汁分量的橄欖油攪拌。先焗車厘茄,將 車厘茄放在焗盤上,調味,焗20分鐘。
Pour the rosemary marinade over the chicken and put to one side to marinate for a few minutes. Make the dressing by mixing the mustard with the rest of the lemon juice and twice as much olive oil. To roast your tomatoes, place on a tray, season and roast for 20 minutes.

Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and cook the beans for 5 minutes. Drain and toss them in the mustard dressing, then add the roasted tomatoes.

Preheat a griddle pan or barbecue. Grill the chicken breasts for 2½ minutes on each side. Check they’re cooked through and serve with the warm beans and tomatoes.

小貼士: 如果可以的話,把雞肉醃長一點時間,會更好食哦!
Tips: The longer you leave the chicken in the marinade, the better it’ll taste!

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* Special thanks to Karina who translated this recipe into Chinese.