de Tour 2015 創意匯聚10日棚 -Green B 親子耕作+種植箱工作坊

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「Green B 親子耕作+種植箱工作坊」將用淺易有趣的方法與孩子分享什麼是有機耕種,孩子也可以和父母即場以舊木地板製作種植箱,並帶當季農作物的幼苗或種子回家,學習做個小小城市農夫,和植物與泥土建立更親厚的關係!

參加單位: 最多兩位家長和一個小孩
名額: 每節12個參加單位

Green B Urban Farming + Upcycle Planter Workshop

Let children experience how vegetables are grown is probably one of the best ways to encourage them to cherish their food. In this workshop, children will learn about the basics of organic farming. Parents and children will also make a planter by upcycling used wooden floor plates. Each family will bring home seasonal crop seedlings or seeds. Let children be little urban farmers and establish a closer connection to plants and soil.

*This workshop is for children aged 4-7. *Participating Unit: One family (max. two adults and one child), maximum 12 units per session.

日期Date﹕2015/11/28 (Sat), 2015/11/29 (Sun)

時間Time:1) 1400 – 1500 2) 1530 – 1630

地點Venue:Plateau (4 FL)


主辦 Organised by: Smiley Planet

網址Website: de Tour HK