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  2. 您好,我在你們網站看到一篇名廚烹飪班的文 章,邀請了Romain Comte of La Truffiere ,我很喜歡勃根第的酒,可是我住在台灣,有關La Truffiere的資訊很少 ,我想請問一下有關La Truffiere以及 Romain Comte的相關資料,這位法 國釀酒後人的個人資料也可以,不好意思很突然, 感謝您。

  3. Hello there,

    My name is Alice Cheung and I’m a trainer myself. I just saw your program conducted to schools and I’m interested to join you on this meaningful activity as I also find that’s very important from what we eat recently.

    I look forward to your reply soon. Thanks!

    Best Regards,

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