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車厘茄 8 粒

大蝦 6 隻

蒜蓉 少許

茴香 1/4個

辣椒 1 隻

番紅花 少許

扁意粉 2 人分量

檸檬火箭菜 適量


1. 鮮製或乾扁意粉烚製時間有所不同,請參閱包裝煮熟。

2. 大蝦去殼去腸,加入蒜蓉、茴香及辣椒炒熟。

3. 加入已烚好的扁意粉、少許高湯及蕃茄略炒,即成。



1. 除了新鮮車厘茄可加入罐裝番茄連茄醬增添風味

2. 每一款意粉成分及製法不同,參閱包裝指示更能煮出軟硬度適合自己的意粉

3. Jamie Oliver 網頁有是次菜式更詳盡的食譜可供參考:i.go.asia/2pw5eIF


場地: Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong

特別鳴謝:  Chef Steve Ma

2017 為食起革命特選食譜 – 蘋果胡桃夾子粥 FRD 2017 Recipe – Apple & pecan porridge


材料 Ingredients



大燕麥片 160克 160 g rolled oats
牛奶或有機豆漿 600克 600 ml milk or organic soya milk
無鹽核桃30克 30 g unsalted pecans
蘋果 1個 1 eating apple
楓糖漿 maple syrup


  1. 放燕麥片和牛奶或600毫升水至中火的大鍋,然後加些許海鹽。
    For the basic porridge, place the oats and the milk (or 600ml water) into a large pan over a medium heat, and add a tiny pinch of sea salt.
  2. 持續穩定地煮5-6分鐘,不時攪拌可以令粥身質感更好,若想更棉滑可加些奶。
    Bring to a steady simmer for 5 to 6 minutes, stirring often to give you a smooth, creamy porridge, and loosening with extra milk, if needed.
  3. 正當煮粥時,可以預備蘋果和核桃碎
    Serve as is, or while it’s blipping away in the pan, follow the next steps to prepare the apple and pecan topping.
  4. 將核桃剁成小塊,然後在中等溫度下用小型的易潔煎鍋烘烤3至4分鐘,或者直到輕輕地金黃色。
    Snap the pecans up into little pieces, then toast in a small dry non-stick frying pan over a medium heat for 3 to 4 minutes, or until lightly golden.
  5. 剝走蘋果莖,然後用刨絲器把蘋果刨成絲狀至砧板。
    Remove the apple stalk, then use a box grater to coarsely grate it onto a chopping board (core and all).
  6. 將蘋果、楓糖漿與粥攪拌在一起,然後用碗盛著
    Stir the grated apple and a little maple syrup through then porridge, then divide between bowls.
  7. 撒些核桃碎在粥上面,然後隨喜好地加上楓糖漿等。
    Scatter the pecans on top, then drizzle with a little extra maple syrup, if you like.

Source of Information: http://www.jamieoliver.com

2017 為食起革命特選食譜-全麥繽紛雜果迷你卷 FRD 2017 Menu – Mini super-fruit breakfast wraps

材料 Ingredients

蜜柑 1個 1 satsuma
全麥粟米卷 1份  1 Wholemeal tortilla wrap
優質可可粉 1茶匙 1 teaspoon quality cocoa powder
天然乳酪 2湯匙 2 tablespoons natural yoghurt
熟香蕉 1條 ½ Salmon steak (thin ones, 1-2cm thick)
莓類生果 1把  1 handful fresh berries , such as raspberries, bluberries
烤果籽 1茶匙 1 teaspoon mixed toasted seed

做法 Method

  1. 先在砧板把蜜柑由中間切開,然後將之移到盤上,如有需要請用廚紙抹乾砧板。On a chopping board, slice the satsuma in half across the middle, then remove to a plate and pat the board dry with kitchen paper, if needed.
  2. 把可可粉攪混在果醬裡,然後把剛切好的半個蜜柑擠出果汁(剩下的存放作日後使用)Spoon the cocoa powder into a jam jar, then squeeze in half the satsuma juice (save the rest for another day).
  3. 把果醬罐頭蓋好,然後使力向之搖動。隨後加上乳酪、把蓋子蓋好,並再次搖搞去。Put the lid securely on the jar and shake well. Add the yoghurt, pop the lid back on, and give it another shake.
  4. 把粟米卷平躺在砧板中間位置,然後把剛混好的醬均衡地塗上。
    Lay the wrap flat in the middle of the chopping board, then spread the cocoa yoghurt evenly over the wrap.
  5. 把剝掉的香蕉置於卷的中間,然後輕手地用叉攪爛,並將之均衡地塗上。
    Peel and place the banana in the middle of the wrap, then gently mash with a fork, spreading it around as evenly as possible.
  6. 把莓類生果和烤果籽灑在香蕉上
    Sprinkle the berries and seeds over the mashed banana.
  7. 最後,把卷切成四份,然後隨喜好摺疊而食。
    Cut into quarters, then tuck in, folding or wrapping up each quarter as you go.
 Special thanks to http://www.jamieoliver.com for the recipe.