秘魯大蕉煎白豆飯 Tacu tacu

Tacu tacu

分量 Serve: 4











300 g long-grain white rice

1 plantain, peeled

olive oil

2 cloves of garlic, chopped

1 onion, finely chopped

1 red chilli, finely sliced

hot chilli sauce

1 x 400 g tin of haricot beans, drained

4 large free-range eggs



  1. 飯煮熟,瀝乾待涼。

Cook the rice according to packet instructions; drain and cool.

  1. 大蕉切至5厘米厚,加入一把橄欖油後用不沾鍋中火煎數分鐘,至兩面變脆和金黃色,保溫備用。

Slice the plantain about 1.5cm thick. Add a couple of good glugs of oil to a large non-stick frying pan over a medium heat and fry the plantain for a few minutes on each side, until crisp and golden. Set aside and keep warm.

  1. 鍋預熱,用餘下的油中細火炒大蒜、洋葱和辣椒約5至10分鐘,直到食材變軟和金黃色,拌入1湯匙辣椒醬後加入白腰度和冷卻的飯。

Return the pan to the heat, keeping any leftover oil; fry the garlic, onion and chilli over a medium-low heat for 5–10 minutes, or until soft and lightly golden. Stir in 1 tablespoon of hot chilli sauce; add the beans and cooled rice.

  1. 調至大火後拌炒食材,直到白飯變熱和脆身,間中攪拌,在完成前數分鐘停止攪拌,令底部變脆,即成秘魯煎白豆飯,煎飯放置碟中待用。

Turn the heat up to high and fry the mixture until the rice is piping hot and beginning to crisp, stirring regularly. Stop stirring for the last couple of minutes to let it get golden and crisp on the bottom – this is your tacu tacu! Transfer to a plate and set aside.

  1. 鍋子中加入少許油,中火加熱,煎蛋,完成前一分鐘大蕉回鍋加熱。

Add a little more oil to the same pan and place over a medium heat. Fry the eggs, adding the plantain for the last minute to warm through.

  1. 煎白豆飯分切上碟,上面放上煎蛋和香脆大蕉,依喜好加上辣醬即成。

Divide the tacu tacu among your plates, making sure everyone gets some of that lovely crispy bottom, and top each portion with a fried egg, some crispy plantain and an extra dash of chilli sauce, if you like.

營養成分(1人分), Nutritional information (per serving)

卡路里 Calories 476大卡/kcal 24%
碳水化合物 Carbs 74.8克/g 29%
脂肪 Fat 10.8克/g 15%
蛋白質Protein 18.4克/g 41%

*以成人日均攝取量計算, Of an adult’s reference intake

食材資訊 Ingredients information: 白芸豆 HARICOT BEAN



Being a member of the legumes family, haricot bean is dense in nutrients as well. It contains rich carbohydrates, protein and fiber. 100g of raw haricot beans contain about 60g carbohydrates and 15g fiber, which are equal to about starch of a bowl of cooked rice and five bowl of cooked vegetables. Fiber can prevent constipation. Moreover, except sodium, haricot bean contains high minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and iron. There are important for bone health, erythrocyte formation and lowering blood pressure. Lastly, it also contains rich vitamin Bs and folate. Vitamin Bs are important in body energy generation, preventing inflammation, while certain researches have shown that folate can maintain cardiovascular health, thus prevent heart disease.




United States Department of Agriculture

Special Thanks to Freeman Law for the Chinese Translation

芝士脆薯球 Cheesy Potato Balls

chessy potato balls


車打芝士 (建議使用橙色偏濃味的車打芝士)
3個薯仔 (約中等大小)
¼ 杯青蔥
½ 長身辣椒 (去籽)
調味料 : 1粒蒜,剁蓉、乾辣椒碎、 乾牛至或意大利香草、檸檬汁、黑椒粉、鹽各少許、1捏
脫脂巴拿馬芝士 (隨個人喜好加入)

1. 先將薯仔煮熟,攪至薯蓉放涼待用。
2. 分別將蔬菜切粒及車打芝士切成小方粒(約5cm x 5cm x 1cm 大小)備用
3. 將橄㰖油加熱,將蔬菜粒慢火煮熟 (青蔥及粟米粒除外)
4. 將煮熟的蔬菜粒混入薯蓉並調味。可先搞勻後試味,看鹹度是否適中再調味。
5. 製作芝士薯球 :取起1湯匙薯泥,搓成球狀,釀入1粒芝士。
6. 做好薯球後,準備炸漿材料。1)撲麵粉 2) 蘸蛋液 3)撲上麵包糠
7. 燒滾油,放入沾上炸漿的薯球炸至金黃色,撈起並放在隔油紙上便告成。

Ingredients (Serve 6)
Cheddar cheese (stronger cheddar recommended)
3 potatoes, medium size
1½ cups of chopped vegetables, e.g. carrot, cucumber, sweetcorn, celery, mushroom etc.
¼ cup spring onions
½ cup chilly, deseeded
2 cups bread crumbs
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 egg
1 clove of garlic, minced
½ lemon, juiced
Dried chilli flakes
Dried oregano or Italian herb mix
Black Pepper
Skimmed Parmesan cheese (optional)

Preparation methods
1. In a large pot of boiling water, boil potatoes until they become soft. Peel and mash.
2. Julienne vegetables and cut cheddar cheese into small cubes (5cm x 5 cm x 1cm)
3. Heat olive oil, add minced garlic and sautéed chopped vegetables (except spring onions and sweet corn) garlic on low heat
4. Mix vegetables into potato mash, season with herbs, salt and pepper
5. To make the cheesy potato balls: get one soup-spoon of potato mash and roll into small balls. Stuffed each potato ball by making a hole in the middle and place a cheese cube in the centre. Seal the potato balls well by pinching them back together.
6. When the potato balls are ready, prepare the batter: a) Dust flour; b) Dip into beaten egg; c) dust bread crumbs
7. In a pan, heat oil and deep fry the battered potato balls until they are golden brown. Remove from the pan and place on paper towel. Serve hot and enjoy while they are still hot!

特別鳴謝食譜提供 Remy Ng

Special thanks to Remy Ng for this cheesy recipe

迷你雜菜杯Mini Veggie Cup

mini veggie cup

材料:餃子皮 12塊、牛油溶液 半碗、蔬菜、薯茸、粟米




食譜提供: 謝翠玲

Ingredients: Dumpling skins 12 pcs, 1/2 bow of melted butter , vegetables, mashed potatos, corns

Dressing: sea salt & black pepper

Method: Put the dumpling skins into baking tray and press to fit in small cups size. Coat with melted butter and put in the oven for 8 mins約(180°C). Fill the fried vegetables, mash potatoes and fresh corns to serve.

Recipe provided by Oliver Tse