2017 FRD為食起革命 x Baby Kingdom 親子王國 x Jamie’s Italian HK 健康擇食小廚神Eat Smart Little Chef

為慶祝一年一度全球為食起革命日 (Food Revolution Day) ,Go.Asia 與 Jamie’s Italian HK 將社區慈善項目 「健康擇食小廚神」免費帶給公眾,並聯乘 Baby Kingdom 親子王國,招募10位 6至12歲的小廚師一齊自煮特別版意式雲吞,名額有限,依家開始報名喇 !This year, Go.Asia and Jamie’s Italian Hong Kong co-present a special session of our community program “Eat Smart Little Chef” for Food Revolution Day celebration. We offer 10 admission to Baby Kingdom, our media partner  to recruit children aged 6-12 as our creative little chef to make their own ravioli for fun!

日期Date: 20/5/2017 (星期六 Sat)
時間Time: 10:00 – 11:30am
地點Venue: 尖沙咀海港城 Jamie’s Italian HK (TST Shop)
地址Address: 尖沙咀 海港城海洋中心4樓412, Shop 412, Level 4, Ocean Centre, Harbour City, Tsim Sha Tsui
報名Online Registration : 按此Click Here

名額No. of Admission: 10名 (活動將以隨機方式抽出參加者,抽中人士將於活動前獲專人以電郵通知,額滿即止。Participants will be chosen randomly and confirmed by email separately)

關於 About Baby Kingdom 親子王國 

親子王國 Baby-kingdom於2002年成立,多年來一直為香港父母提供最新最快親子育兒資訊。BK 討論區人氣旺盛,至今已有超過50萬位國民,為香港最受家庭歡迎的親子資訊討論平台。


料理‧好‧空氣Flame at Towngas Avenue特選餐單 Healthy Food. Healthy Air. Special Menu by Flame @ Towngas Avenue

菜式名稱Name of Dish: 扒大啡菇釀雜菜薯蓉 Grilled Portobello 

推廣日期Promotion Period: 2017年5月   May 2017

地址 Address:

尖沙咀廣東道33號中港城第1座平台1號 Shop No. 1

Promenade Level, Tower 1, China Hong Kong City, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon

電話 Tel: 2963 2181
關於 About Flame @ Towngas Avenue

餐桌里程:料理‧好‧空氣 參與餐廳 FoodMiles: Healthy Food. Healthy Air.Restaurant List

愛心起動健康空氣行動邀請了本地多家餐廳 推出 料理・好・空氣 特選餐單,以推廣餐桌里程:料理・好・空氣 行動。各參與餐廳為今次活動精心設計出選用本地食材的菜式,讓用餐者在享用本地食材泡製的美食同時認識餐桌里程。

Go.Asia and Clean Air Network have invited local restaurants (List of participating restaurants) to launch a specialty menu featuring dishes made with locally sourced ingredients to show their support for the Food Miles: Healthy Food. Healthy Air. campaign.

是次活動 We wish this activity can:

  • 為向公眾推廣減少餐桌里程的重要 emphasizes the significance of reducing food miles;
  • 只需一個細微改變,選用多些本地食材,對空氣及健康都有裨益 promote public awareness of how a small individual effort towards making better food choices can contribute to our overall health and environment sustainability ;
  • 亦同時推動餐飲業界使用更多本地食材,推動本土優質農業發展。 support local agriculture and farming businesses by purchasing local produce

 餐桌里程:料理.好.空氣 參與餐廳 名單
FoodMiles: Healthy Food. Healthy Air. Restaurant List 

港島區 Hong Kong Island 九龍區 Kowloon            新界區 New Territories
Sohofama料理農務 八一0四 生活盒子 Ideaology Café
Ω OHM Return Coffee House
PREGIO  T club by Pregio Online Platform for Personal Chef Service
Dreamix 廚 上門私人廚師配對平台
 TC2 cafe  MobiChef
 Common Room & Co.

Flame at Towngas Avenue