ViuTV Chef Gabriel’s Rice with Duck Liver《出得廳堂》蔡家富 師傅:鴨肝燴飯

材料 Ingredients:
鴨肝 Duck Liver  1 片 piece
雞湯  Chicken Stock  220 克 gram
鴨腿 Duck Leg 40克 gram
珍珠米 Rice 180克 gram
馬爹利酒 Martell Cognac 10克 gram
芝士碎 Shredded Cheese  10克 gram
洋蔥 Onion 20克 gram
豆苗 Pea sprout 10克 gram
胡椒 Pepper 少許

做法 Method:
1. 珍珠米用1:0.5:0.5比例(1份米、半份水、半份雞湯)蒸15分鐘。Rice cooked in 1:0.5:0.5 scale (1 rice, 0.5 water, 0.5 chicken stock), steam for 15 mins.
2. 洋蔥用鴨油炒香後加入切碎的鴨腿、雞湯及忌廉。Onion fry with duck oil. Add in chopped duck leg, chicken stock, and cream.
3. 鴨肝壓成蓉加入馬爹利酒備用。Mashed the duck liver and add the cognac for later use
4. 加入珍珠米飯煮約2分鐘,加入豆苗。Add cooked rice in the frying pan and cook for 2 mins, then put the pea sprout in
5. 最後加入芝士粉及鴨肝蓉攪拌均勻。Put the shredded cheese and duck liver mixture on top of rice then stir well
6. 鴨肝煎至金黃色放面。 pan fry the duck liver until it turns golden yellow and place on top of rice

特別鳴謝: ViuTV 《出得廳堂》提供 蔡家富 師傅 食譜