百感交集鹵水併盤 Assorted marinated meat


材料 Ingredients

鷄翼 Chicken wings
鴨舌 Duck tongue
無毒害鷄蛋 Egg
花椒 Chinese pepper
八角 Anise
陳皮 Dried madarine peel
Spring onion
生抽 Light soy sauce
片糖 Slab sugar

做法 Method

1.先把鷄翼、鴨舌飛水加兩片薑辟味, 撈起待用

Blanch the chicken wings and duck tongue with 2 slice of ginger to remove the smell. Reserved it for later use.


Boil the egg until almost cooked. Reserved it for later use.


Add water, light soy sauce and other seasoning until boil. Then add ingredients from step 1 and 2 to cook.


Cook for further 10-15 minutes after boil. Then turn off the heat and cover the lid and let the meat soaked in the marinated sauce until coloured and flavoured.

Special thanks to Leti Lee for the recipe.

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