Call for Entry! 2016-2017 “Think.Cook.Save.” Health and Food Education Program


2016-2017 “Think.Cook.Save.” Health & Food Education Program

Organized by charitable initiative Go.Asia ( under DotAsia Foundation Ltd. (IRD 91/12820), “Think.Cook.Save” Health & Food Education aims to promote healthy eating and cherishing food resources amongst the younger generation through our interactive talk. Our program matches the Seven Learning Goals (healthy lifestyle) and Healthy School Policy designed and recommended by the Education Bureau so as to help students reach a state of physical, mental and social well-being with a focus on developing students’ healthy lifestyles, positive attitudes and values, and practical life skills.
In view of the rising demand for food education in school curriculum as early as primary school in the globe, we are happy to see students knowing basic skills to maintain their health in daily life. Through interactive activities and simple cooking demos, students learn the important correlation between real food and a healthy lifestyle, starting from individual to achieve social sustainability. Through our program, students will understand the FOOD balance diet concept and be able to make healthy choices for every meal.
Since September 2013, we have visited approximately 300 schools and approached 25,000 students to spread the idea of Think.Cook.Save., with the 5 scopes of content as follow: (Course content has been updated in this year program and final content can be refined upon request)
Think: Know your FOOD & Health | Cook: Cooking is Fun | Save: Treasure Food & Our Planet

2016-17 New content outline

  1. Introduce Organizer & global health movement Food Revolution
  2. Interactive Games: Discovering the Secret of Food
  3. Be a everyday hero: reduce your everyday “junk”
  4. Learn about “Junk”: junk food, food waste and plastic waste
  5. Interactive Games: How our superhero protect the earth with food

Previous course outline (available to choose)

  1. Interactive Games: Discovering the Secret of Food
  2. Eating Less Processed Food Vs Eating More Real Food
  3. The FOOD Concept & Balanced Diet Every Meal
  4. Green Life: Cherish our Food & Reduce Food Waste
  5. Love Earth:Social Justice & Responsibility
We sincerely invite your institution to join the Think.Cook.Save. Health & Food Education Program. Starting from 2016-2017 school year, we will charge HKD500/ session as transportation fee upon confirmation. You can simply offer a section of extra-curricular time (around 30-45 mins) and our instructor will tailor-made a program to suit your students’ needs. Online application is now available:
Should you need information about the school talk, please do not hesitate to contact us via 2244-7986 or email: info@go.asiaor visit our website: for details. Thank you!

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