蔬菜沙律配檸檬汁Simple Green Salad with Lemon Dressing

S_Green salad


If you use lovely fresh leaves and dress them properly, even the most basic salad like this one will taste absolutely amazing. The combination of oil and acid in the dressing helps our bodies to absorb more of the nutrients from the greens. Super clever!

份量:4人份 (作為拌菜) Serves 4 as a side
烹調時間:20分鐘 Cooking time: 20 minutes


材料 Ingredients

沙律 For the salad:  
1個圓生菜 1 soft round lettuce
1個寶石生菜 1 little gem lettuce
1個菊苣 (或更多寶石生菜) 1 small radicchio (or an extra little gem)
幾枝混合香草,例如羅勒葉,平葉歐芹,薄荷葉 a few sprigs of soft mixed fresh herbs, such as basil, flat-leaf parsley, mint
檸檬醬汁 For the lemon dressing:  
1個檸檬 1 lemon
6湯匙特製冷壓橄欖油 6 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

用具 Utensils

空的有蓋果醬罐 Empty jam jar with lid
量匙 Measuring spoons
砧板 Chopping board
沙律脫水器或乾淨茶巾 Salad spinner or clean tea towel
大沙律碗 Large salad bowl

做法 Method

  1. 製作檸檬汁,把檸檬切成一半,然後擠入檸檬汁進空罐。

To make the dressing, halve the lemon, then squeeze the juice into an empty jam jar, using your fingers to catch any pips.

  1. 加入油和一小撮海鹽和黑胡椒進空樽。

Add the oil and a pinch of sea salt and black pepper to the jar.

  1. 蓋實蓋子,然後搖勻醬汁。

Put the lid securely on the jar and shake well.

  1. 如需要可加入更多檸檬汁或油令它有更佳的質感。

Have a taste and see whether you think it needs a bit more lemon juice or oil – you want it to be slightly too acidic, so that it’s still nice and zingy once you’ve dressed your salad leaves.

  1. 用刀剪走生菜的根部,分散葉子,扔走破損壞掉的葉子。

Use a knife to trim the roots away from all the lettuces. Separate out the leaves, throwing any tatty ones away.

  1. 把蔬菜放進篩裏用水清洗。

Pop them in a colander and give them a good wash under cold running water over the sink.

  1. 用脫水器弄乾蔬菜,或用茶巾包著蔬菜搖乾,然後把葉子放進大碗。

Spin them dry in a salad spinner, or wrap in a clean tea towel and shake dry, then pile the leaves into a large salad bowl.

  1. 摘下香菜並加進碗裏,扔走莖部。

Pick and add the herbs to the bowl, discarding the stalks.

  1. 從高處淋上3湯匙檸檬汁,然後用手拌勻蔬菜和醬汁,不要太重手加太多醬汁,因為會令葉子變軟。

From a height, drizzle 3 tablespoons of the dressing over the leaves and gently toss together with the tips of your fingers until every leaf is coated – try not to be heavy- handed and don’t be tempted to overdress or the leaves will go limp.

  1. 如需要可再加入醬汁,要注意加太多就不能回頭,所以要小心處理。蓋上蓋子,並把剩餘的醬汁放進雪櫃保留。

Have a taste and add a splash more dressing, if needed – remember you can always add more but you can’t take it away, so be cautious. Pop the lid securely on the jam jar and keep the leftover dressing in the fridge for another day. Serve the salad straightaway.

Jamie的煮食提示 Jamie’s Top Tips


Although you don’t need to,
you can always add extras like cooked green beans or sweet raw peas – see what’s growing in your garden and go with what looks best.

食物資訊 Information


Extra virgin olive oil is extracted by pressing from olive at the first point. It contains only 1% acid. It has high content of polyphenol as it is processed least. Polyphenol has the ability of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Besides, olive oil has high content of oleic acid. It is a monounsaturated fat. It can reduce bad cholesterol and lower the risk of having cardiovascular diseases. Olive oil is stored inside dark container to prevent it from turning rancid by the action of light and temperature.

United States Department of Agriculture

Special Thanks for Recipe Translation by Evelyn Chan

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