Mana! Fast Slow Food: 椰子蛋糕 Raw Coconut Cake


材料 Ingredient
100克生原椰子粉 100g raw coconut powder
250毫升經過濾的水 250ml Filtered water
125毫升原龍舌蘭花蜜 125ml Raw agave nectar
300克 生腰果, 在過濾水浸泡3小時,瀝乾 300g Raw soaked cashew nuts in filtered water for 3 hours , drained
250毫升原椰子油 250ml Raw coconut oil
掐喜馬拉雅山粉紅鹽 Pinch pink himalayian salt
225克原愛爾蘭苔蘚果凍 225g Raw irish moss jelly
100克生核桃 ,切碎 100g Raw walnuts chopped
100克生椰棗,切碎 100g Raw medjool dates chopped

做法 Method
1. 先將第1和第2頂材料加到攪拌器攪拌至細滑
Add first 2 ingredients to vitamix blender and process until smooth

2. 把之後5種食材加到攪拌器繼續攪拌,直至非常細滑
Add following 5 ingredients and continue the process until very very smooth

3. 下一步是製造餅底。將最後2種食材加在不銹鋼碗,用木勺將他們混合在一起並推成球狀
Next step make crust, by adding both last 2 ingredients to stainless steel bowl, mixing together with a wooden spoon to form a paste ball

4. 幾餅底放置到蛋糕模(壓平),模內放上保鮮膜避免餅底黏在模上。將混合物倒在餅底之上,然後放在冰箱冷藏至少12小時。
Press crust into cake tin, lined with cling film to prevent sticking. Pour the mixture on top of the crust paste, and leaving to set in refrigerator for at least 12 hours.

5. 然後你可以隨意拌以你最喜歡的餡料和椰子蛋糕一起吃!
Ready to serve with your favourite topping!!

Special thanks: Mana! Fast Slow Food

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