Healthy Family: 羅馬惜食二重奏 Duet with Romaine Lettuce (Salad + Juice)


很多人家中都會有面對剩餘的蔬菜,放了幾天之後表面看來已經不新鮮,掉了它又感覺很浪費,其實蔬菜的營養會隨收割後慢慢流失,但卻仍然保持著纖維, 這次為響應 為食起革命 FoodRevolution,就由 Healthy Family 教大家食剩一棵有機羅馬生菜怎麼辦?

夏天就到就給一個既健康亦低炭的輕食餐單,完全符合  Think.Cook.Save 的宗旨。

羅馬紅藜麥沙律 | Romaine Lettuce Quinoa Salad

材料 Ingredients:
有機羅馬生菜  ½ 棵 (香港)     1/2 Local Organic Romaine Lettuce (from HK)
蕃茄  1個 (香港)                 1     Tomato (from HK)
台灣紅藜麥  1湯匙 (台灣)1 TBSP Red Quinoa (from TW)

做法 Method :
Wash the quinoa, steam for 15-20 minutes. Wash the lettuce and  drained. Wash tomato then cut it into slices.
Mix all ingredients with Japanese sesame sauce and ready to serve.

Low carbon selection: try to use local food products. If import food product is needed, choose those which are from nearby countries.  In our case, for quinoa, instead of getting the one from South America, we get them from Taiwan. 


›羅馬假期特飲 | Romaine Lettuce Special Juice

材料 Ingredients:
有機羅馬生菜  ½ 棵 (香港)1/2 Local Organic Romaine Lettuce (from HK)
香蕉     ½ 條 (香港)              1/2 Banana (from HK)
高鈣低糖豆奶  1盒 (香港)    1 Hi-calcium low sugar soy milk  (from HK)

Wash the lettuce and  drained.

Put all ingredients into the blender, blend for 10-15 seconds and ready to serve.

Local farmer products are chosen for the above recipe. Blending is used to keep the dietary fibre from vegetables.

Special thanks: Healthy Family

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