3D 食物打印機 3D Printing: now printing food too


星空奇遇記的粉絲對「3D 食物打印機」的概念可能覺得熟口熟面,但美國太空總署(NASA)最近投資了一百萬港元去研究「3D 食物打印機」的真實版,屆時不但為太空人提供含碳水化合物、蛋白質的「食物」,更有可能是解決未來糧食危機另一出路。


當未來將有一百二十億人口的時候,「3D 食物打印機」可能是有助解決糧食短缺問題的方案。

When Star Trek becomes reality: NASA to build ‘universal food synthesizer’ 3D printer to boldly make pizza from insects and algae!

  • NASA is investing in a 3D printer which can create food
  • The company behind it believe it could solve the earth’s looming food shortage
  • Meals would be made from cartridges containing carbohydrates and protein powders
  • Insects, grass and algae could replace meat and vegetables as the main sources of our protein

Read more: MailOnline

Photo: TNOResearch

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