MUM: 蒸茄子飯 MUM:Home style Steamed Eggplant Rice

Mum Eggplant Steamed Rice

份量Serve: 3人份

材料份量 Ingredients
茄子(大件) 1件 Eggplant(large)  1pc
玉子燒 3件 Tamagoyaki ( Japanese Egg Roll) 3pc
紫蘇昆布 45克 Shiso kombu 45g
蒸珍珠米 3碗 Steamed Grain Rice (AKITA KOMACHI)    3rice bowl
甘荀 (浸/烚熟)   6條 Carrot(poached)  6 chunks
白菜仔 (烚熟)    6條 Petit Pak Choy(poached) 6 pcs
西蘭花 (烚熟)    3棵 Brassica (poached) 3 dashes


*蒸飯製作方法 Steamed rice:
1. 把米洗淨
Wash the rice gently under water, until clean

2. 將米浸水至少四小時或浸泡過夜。
Soak it in the water at least 4 hours or overnight.

Drain and remain 70% of water, cook it.

*蒸茄子製作方法 Steamed eggplant :

1. 把茄子切成15-16件長條,用薑蓉、鹽及白糊椒醃製後蒸10-15分鐘便成。
Cut the eggplant into 15-16 pieces long fat stripes, then marinated with ginger, salt, pepper and minced ginger and steam for 10-15 minutes.

2. 食用時,將茄子、蔬菜、玉子燒和紫蘇昆布放左飯面,加少許豉油、白芝麻和韭蔥即可。
For serving, put the eggplant, veggie, eggs & kombu over the rice. Add a few dash of soya sauce, fresh ground white sesame on top and sprinkle a little bit of shredded young leek. Eggplant rice done!

Special thanks: MUM Veggie + Coffee + Sweet

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