MUM: 媽媽包餃子 MUM: Mum’s style dumplings

food 5

蓮藕(切碎) 500g
Lotus Root 500g (chopped)
馬蹄(切碎) 300g Water Chestnut 300g (chopped)
冬菇腳(切碎) 250g Shitake Mushroom Stem 250g (chopped)
甘荀(切碎) 300g Carrot 300g (chopped)
木耳(切碎) 250g Black fungus 250g (chopped)
白菜仔(切碎) 400g Petit Pak Choy 400g (chopped)
陳皮(切碎) 1tsp Mandarin peel 1tsp (dried & chopped)
薑蓉(切碎) 4tsp Ginger 4 tsp (peeled & minced)
芋頭(蒸熟打蓉) 500g Taro 500g (steamed and mashed)
上海餃子皮 1.5斤 Round Dumpling Skin (shanghai Style) 1.5 catty
調味料 Seasoning
鹽 適量 Salt pinch to taste
胡椒粉 適量 White pepper pinch to taste
麻油 適量 Sesame oil a few dash
糖 2tsp Sugar 2 tsp


1. 芋頭去皮切大塊,蒸15分鐘至軟身;趁熱壓成蓉,待涼。
Chop the taro in a big chunk and steam for 15 minutes until soft & smash, set aside.

2. 用熟油爆香薑蓉 ,再放切碎的材料入鑊鈔熟。
Chop the rest of vegetables. Fry the ginger and add the chopped vegetable by adding white cooking wine.

3. 芋蓉和已熟材料拌勻,加入調味料調味,再灒白酒炒熟,成為「餃子饀」。
Finish filling with taro mash and season with salt, white pepper, sugar and sesame oil.

4. 取1.5湯匙饀料放入餃子皮,在皮邊沾水,對摺餃皮成半月狀便可。然後放入冰箱冷藏12小時。
For the wrapping dumpling, get one piece of round dumpling skin, brush water at the edge. Fill up 1.5 tablespoon filling onto the skin, fold it up side by side and use your fingertips start needle up the edges from the edges to the another edges  be a ‘half moon’ shape and keep in the refrigerator for 12 hours .

5. 中火加熱易潔鑊,放少許橄欖油,再放餃子;當底部開始焦脆,灑點水立即加蓋收慢火,蒸煮約5分鐘便成。
Start cooking, get the pans hot with corn oil, cook it until the skin crispy, and splash a few drops of water cover it up with the lid and steam it for 5 minutes. Enjoy the Mum’s Veggie Dumpling!

Special thanks: MUM Veggie + Coffee + Sweet

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