Jamie’s 30鐘煮食 Jamie’s 30-minute Meals

「30分鐘煮食」是一個 給忙碌的人所提供的既快捷又美味的烹飪節目。每一集Jamie都會不只是為你準備一道菜, 而是完整的一頓飯。整個節目的背後構思是提供有組織、正確的食譜、好的烹飪提示、技巧和捷徑,讓忙碌的人有道可循。說都尾就是要聰明地煮食。

有關「30分鐘煮食」食譜, 請按此

The 30-minute meal is all about really quick tasty cooking for really busy people. Every single show has got a meal, not just a single dish.  The whole idea behind is about being organised, having the right recipes, having really good hints and tips and shortcuts for busy people to follow. It is all about the clever cooking.

Click here for more about the 30-minute meal.

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