香檸薄荷蘆荀意大利飯Asparagus, mint & lemon risotto

Asparagus, mint _ lemon risotto

















For the risotto base1 litre organic vegetable or chicken stock

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 large onion, peeled and finely chopped

4-5 sticks celery, trimmed and finely chopped

600 g risotto rice

250 ml vermouth or dry white wine

For the risotto

2 bunches asparagus, woody ends removed and discarded

700 ml organic vegetable or chicken stock

50 g butter

1 small handful Parmesan cheese, freshly grated, plus a block for grating

1 bunch fresh mint, leaves picked and finely chopped

zest and juice of 2 lemons

sea salt

freshly ground black pepper

extra virgin olive oil

做法 METHOD (8人分)


Finely chop your asparagus stalks into tiny discs, keeping the tips whole. Then start making your basic risotto recipe.

  1. 高湯用較深的平底鍋煮至沸騰,橄欖油倒進另一個大鍋,加入洋葱、西芹煮大約15分鐘,直到食材顏地變淺,質地變軟。

Bring the stock to a simmer in a saucepan. Put the olive oil in a separate large pan, add the onion and celery and cook very gently for about 15 minutes, without colouring, until soft.

  1. 意大利米加入正在煮蔬菜的鍋子(會發出嘶嘶聲),較大火,用鑊鏟翻動食材,防止米飯和蔬菜黏底。

Add the rice (it will sizzle) and turn up the heat. Don’t let the rice or veg catch on the bottom of the pan, so keep it moving.

  1. 快速地倒入苦艾酒,酒精味會快速揮發,保持攪拌食材,直到酒精完全揮發,令米留下香氣。

Quickly pour in the vermouth or wine. You will smell the alcohol immediately, so keep stirring all the time until it has evaporated, leaving the rice with a lovely perfume.

  1. 每次一勺,用杓子把把高湯加入米飯,攪拌,等候至米完全吸收湯汁,然後加入下一勺。火調細,米需要慢煮,否則米的外層會變黏,內層過硬(但也不否過慢, 否則會煮成米糊),持續加入高湯,直到米吸收所有湯汁。整個過程約需14到15分鐘,米飯開始變軟,並保持少許口感,即可待用。

Add the stock to the rice a ladle at a time, stirring and waiting until it has been fully absorbed before adding the next. Turn the heat down to low so the rice doesn’t cook too quickly, otherwise the outside of each grain will be stodgy and the inside hard and nutty (you don’t want to cook it too slowly either, or it will turn into rice pudding!) and continue to add ladlefuls of stock until it has all be absorbed. This should take about 14 to 15 minutes and give you rice that is beginning to soften but is still a little al dente. Put to one side.

  1. 中火加熱另一個大鍋子,倒入一半的高湯,把剛才煮好的意大利飯、預備好的蘆筍加入,保持攪拌,煮至沸騰,轉至慢火,燉煮至湯汁被完全吸收。

Now put a large saucepan on a medium to high heat and pour in half the stock, followed by all your risotto base and the finely sliced asparagus stalks and the tips. Stirring all the time, gently bring to the boil, then turn the heat down and simmer until almost all the stock has been absorbed.

  1. 每次一勺,把餘下的高湯加入,直到米飯和蘆荀完全煮熟。高湯不一定要全部用完,烹調過熟中要不時檢查,米飯不可煮得過熟。白飯要外形完整,質地軟、黏厚而濕潤,整體質地要比最後成果鬆散。

Add the rest of the stock a ladleful at a time until the rice and asparagus are cooked. You might not need all your stock. Be careful not to overcook the rice – check it throughout cooking to make sure it’s a pleasure to eat. It should hold its shape but be soft, creamy and oozy, and the overall texture should be slightly looser than you think you want it.

  1. 關火,加入攪勻的牛油、巴馬臣芝士,薄荷,大部分的檸檬皮和汁液,調味,加入適量的鹽和胡椒,蓋上蓋子後靜置約一分鐘。成品在享用前撒上少許橄欖油、檸檬皮,用一磚巴馬臣芝士拌碟。

Turn off the heat, beat in your butter and Parmesan, mint, almost all the lemon zest and all the juice. Check the seasoning and add salt and pepper if needed. Put a lid on the pan and leave the risotto to rest for a minute. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil, a scattering of lemon zest and a block of Parmesan on the table.

營養成分(1人分), Nutritional information(per serving)

卡路里 Calories 463大卡/kcal 23%
碳水化合物 Carbs 67.2克/g 26%
脂肪 Fat 13.1克/g 19%
蛋白質Protein 12.8克/g 28%

*以成人日均攝取量計算, Of an adult’s reference intake

  • 食材資訊 Ingredients information: 蘆筍 Asparagus


Asparagus behaves similarly to other dark green vegetables. Its contain low carbohydrate, high water content, fiber and vitamin Bs. Fiber can increase gastrointestinal motility, while water can keep your gut clean and prevent constipation. Vitamin Bs, involving in energy metabolism, keep you energetic. In addition, asparagus contains rich minerals, especially rich in calcium and iron. Similar to milk, each 100g of raw asparagus contains 108mg of calcium. Calcium is important in bone formation, nerve relaxation and blood clotting.

食譜提供 RECEIPE & PHOTO CREDIT: www.jamieoliver.com

營養資料: United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service 

Special Thanks to Freeman Law for the Chinese Translation & Nutrition Information

芝士粟米條拌青檸檬、紅椒沙律醬Bad-ass cheesy corn on the cob With lime and paprika mayo

Bad-ass cheesy corn on the cob With lime and paprika mayo


4湯匙 Hellmann’s沙律醬





6 corn on the cob, with husks intact

4 tablespoons Hellmann’s Mayonnaise

extra virgin olive oil

2 limes

1 teaspoon smoked paprika or cayenne pepper

90 g mild, hard cheese, such as Parmesan, Zamorano or Pecorino

做法 METHOD(6人分)

  1. 把整個粟米浸在水中至少30分鐘,如果沒有一個連皮的粟米條,可以省去這個步驟。

Soak the corn (husks and all) in cold water for at least 30 minutes – if you can’t find cobs with the husks intact, you don’t need to do this.

  1. 把沙律醬和少許橄欖油、青檸檬皮和汁液放進一個碗內,攪拌均勻,試味後可加入按需要增加青檸檬汁。把沙律醬倒多一隻碟內,撒上紅椒粉或辣椒粉,待用。

Meanwhile, place the mayo into a bowl with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, the zest from the limes and the juice from 1. Mix well, taste and add a squeeze more juice, if needed. Spread the mayo onto a plate, then dust with the paprika or cayenne pepper and put to one side.

  1. 芝士刨絲,放進另一隻大碟,待用。

Grate the cheese onto another large plate, then set aside also.

  1. 平底鍋用大火預熱,加入煎12到15分鐘,直到外皮呈現焦黑色,間中翻面,外皮會令粟米達到蒸的效果,令粟米變軟。

Preheat a griddle pan over a high heat. Add the corn and griddle for 12 to 15 minutes, or until the husks are black and charred all over, turning occasionally – the husks will help to steam the corn until tender.

  1. 煎好後把粟米外皮削至底部,令外皮與粟米保持連接和完整,然後把外皮外翻,把粟米滾上備用的沙律醬和芝士絲。

Peel back the husks, keeping them intact at the base, then roll each cob into the lime-spiked mayo, before rolling into the cheese. Shake off any excess and get stuck in.

  • 營養成分(1人分), Nutritional information(per serving)
卡路里 Calories 191大卡/kcal 10%
碳水化合物 Carbs 20.3克/g 8%
脂肪 Fat 8.6克/g 12%
蛋白質Protein 9.5克/g 21%

*以成人日均攝取量計算, Of an adult’s reference intake

  • 食材資訊 Ingredients information: 芝士 Cheese


Most cheeses are the product of lactobacillus bacteria fermentation and rennet coagulation. Common cheese comes from its ten times amount of milk, thus it has ten times the density of nutrients of milk. Same as milk, cheeses has rich content of protein, calcium, potassium and vitamin B12. Each 100g of cheese exceeds 1000mg of calcium. Therefore, it should be aware that not to have too much cheese and calcium, which will lead to drowsiness, weariness and high burden to the kidney. In addition, potassium is important to body electrolytic, lowering blood pressure and preventing from stroke. Cheese is a good source of vitamin B12 of Ovo-Lacto vegetarianism. Insufficient B12 intake will lead to megaloblastic anemia. To be aware, a person sticking to low fat diet may choose cottage cheese, low-fat cheese or yoghurt as a replacement.

食譜提供 RECEIPE & PHOTO CREDIT: www.jamieoliver.com

營養資料: United States Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service

Thanks to Freeman Law for the Chinese Translation & Nutrition Information

11月‧ 世界素食月WORLD VEGAN MONTH in November






Happy World Vegan Month! Right now, all over the world, people are “pledging” to go vegan for a week or a month. To most people that may not sound like a happy month at all, but it’s well worth considering.

Whether you’re a vegan or not, there are endless reasons why we should all be delighted that the movement has grown so fast in the last few years. You don’t have to be vegan to feel its affects. Through adapting their diets to make sure they get all the vitamins they need, to pressuring big corporations and governments for more ethical products, vegans are giving food the focus it deserves.

They are also doing their bit to reduce food miles and emissions, all the while campaigning for the rest of us to do the same. A study over the summer by the University of Oxford found that a meat-based diet produces on average more than double the emissions of a vegan one.

They’re teaching us a thing or two as well. My vegan and vegetarian friends have cooked me some fantastic meals, many of which I now make regularly. It’s saving me money, encouraging me to eat more vegetables, and reducing my meat intake. While I have no plans to give up meat, I recognise that it shouldn’t be the focus of my diet. I am now vegetarian every other day – not consciously, but because lots of my favourite meals are meat-free. I have also learnt lots of new techniques as I work around the limits of reducing dairy and meat products. I make cakes without eggs, burgers without beef, and pastry without butter. I try to drink vegan beer (thankfully almost all beer is vegan anyway) and refuse to buy any animal product that doesn’t have a guarantee of quality such as Freedom Food, free range or organic status.

素食主義令 JamieOliver.com的內容變得有趣。我們的作者團隊弄了健康的免烤素食牛奶糖棒,發明了無肉的美國牛肉漢堡,並參與了瑞典世界唯一的素食音樂節。此外,Jamie亦想出了其他很棒的素食食譜,有些將在下面介紹。

Veganism has helped JamieOliver.com produce some amazing content too. Our writers have made healthier no-bake vegan fudge bars, invented the meat-less sloppy Joe and attended the world’s only mainstream vegetarian music festival in Sweden. On top of that, Jamie’s come up with some incredible recipes for those on a vegan diet, some of which are in the gallery below.

七個非常簡單的晚餐素食食譜 Seven super-easy vegan dinners

素食蘑菇栗子紅莓撻Vegan mushroom, chestnut & cranberry tart

特式素食肉丸My special vegan kofte

我的最佳素食漢堡The best vegan burger

素食點心包子Vegan dim sum buns

素食芝士通粉Vegan mac ‘n’ cheese

素食牧羊人批Vegan shepherd’s pie

辣煮蔬菜Kerryann’s chilli con veggie


So, whatever your diet, celebrate vegan month, consider what you eat and whether it’s good for you and for the environment. Remember that what we sit down to at each meal affects a lot more than how hungry we are; small changes like meat-free Mondays or going vegetarian or vegan one month of the year can make a huge difference, and may even change your life.


Jonny Garrett是Jamieoliver.com的副編輯。他喜歡食物,而令他母親亦意想不到的,是他熱愛啤酒。如果可以的話,他每天都會喝美國啤酒和吃壽司。現在,他每天為網站進行編輯和寫部落格的工作。

Jonny Garrett is deputy editor of Jamieoliver.com. To say he loves food is an understatement, and to his mother’s dismay he is also obsessed with beer. If he could, he’d drink American IPAs and eat sushi all day, but he has settled for editing and writing blogs and news for the website.

Jonny Garrett’s blog

Source 資料來源:www.jamieoliver.com

Special Thanks to Freeman Law for the Chinese Translation